There is no gateway to viruses in public transportation vehicles

There is no gateway to viruses in public transportation vehicles: the possibility of transmission of viruses and germs in places where people are in bulk. There is a risk of disease transmission in public transport vehicles where human circulation is high. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of virus-borne diseases. The hygienic cleaning of public transport vehicles against this type of virus and bacterial disease, which is at risk of contact and coughing from person to person, is important.
Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department buses are cleaned twice a day with special cleaning materials. Disinfectant solution is disinfected everywhere. Buses cleaned inside and outside are free of all viruses and microbes. Buses used by hundreds of people a day are meticulously cleaned and expedited.
Buses removed from germs, viruses and bacteria are cleared twice a day in the morning after leaving for the evening at 05.30 and after making their last voyage. The materials used in cleaning are organic disinfectants that do not harm human health. After cleaning all areas in which the passengers are in contact with the vehicle, vehicles are transferred to their positions.

Günceleme: 09/12/2018 15:27

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