Pass on Osmangazi Bridge, don't cross 40 dollars

Late on Osmangazi Bridge, $ 40 to cross: In the contract dated September 2010, 35 was taken as the basis for the cost of $ 2008, which is determined as the gulf bridge toll. The wage rises every year as much as the increase in the consumer price index in the USA. The figure that reached $ 39 by the end of June will reach $ 40 by the end of the year.
Today, the 25 dollar (88.75 TL) toll and the 40 dollar between the 15 dollar and the 40 dollar difference will be paid to the state firm. Even if the number of vehicles per day is less than 40 thousand, the state will give XNUMX to the state company per vehicle missing.
According to the provisions of the Gebze-Izmir highway, which includes the OSMAN Gazi Bridge; not only the passing vehicles, but the difference in the wages of passing vehicles have been considered as a public obligation. 35 $ 2008 in the contract is based on the guarantees of the year XNUMX.

According to the terms, the toll will be some 40 dollars at the end of this year. According to the contract dated September 2009, the 2010 is determined as the bridge toll, based on the 35 year.
Accordingly, the 2008 dollar fee in 35 should be increased every year by an increase in the US consumer price index, if no further provision was made for the contract in the following years. According to this calculation, as of June 2016 39.05 dollars.
40 dollars will be found at the end of the year. The 88.75-25 dollar toll is high and the payoff is lowered by the Treasury and in this case the 39-40 dollar difference will be paid by the Treasury.

With the legal arrangement made in 2008, it has been ensured that the fee can be paid in whole or in part in the amount of contributions paid by the administration to the company that is not able to be paid in full or in part by the beneficiaries.
Thus, for example, on average an average of 10 10 thousand vehicle passes per day; The government will pay 15 million dollars per annum for the 55 dollars per vehicle for the same amount of vehicles (Xnumx) for the 30 million vehicles per year (40 million dollars per vehicle), for the 432 dollars per year.
In this example, the total annual payment will be 486 million dollars. The consortium officials declared that the first stage (Gebze-Orhangazi), including the Osman Gazi Bridge, would cost 2.7 billion dollars. 6.3, which cost a total of 5, billion dollars along with other stage highways extending to İzmir, was provided under the guarantee of XNUMX billion dollars financing, Treasury.
When Osmangazi was paid, traffic was reduced. The construction was completed in the Gulf of IZMIT and the 30 was opened in June with a ceremony. In the opening ceremony of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the traffic was locked in the Osmangazi Bridge, which he announced would be charged during the feast holiday. It was announced that the 965 thousand vehicles passed through the bridge which was free of charge during the feast, until the fee was charged.
Transitions from Osmangazi Bridge, 11 was paid on Monday July from 07.00. Osmangazi Bridge from the gulf of the Gulf by Altinova vehicles to the direction of Istanbul, one bridge at the same time as the bridge and the bridge they use to pay the fee.
The vehicles going to Bursa are paying a separate fee according to the turnstiles they have started for the highway they continue after paying the bridge. With the commencement of the paid transition, Osmangazi Bridge today, the time of the 12.50 13.50 316 297 between the hours of Istanbul, 613 vehicle transition to Bursa direction made. While the majority of the 14 vehicles in one hour were automobiles and the number of trucks and trucks was scarce, the 88.75 ferry between Eskihisar and Topçular continued to make a reciprocal voyage, while the ferries were filled and the interest in ferries did not diminish. Automobile drivers, 100 TL crossing the bridge, the ferry and the arrival cost of the XNUMX TL, stating that they prefer the ferry, considering the economics, he said.

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