Earthquake Resistant Port Safiport Derince

Earthquake Resistant Port Safiport Derince: A report was prepared at the Kandilli Observatory at Boğaziçi University to determine the earthquake movement and its effects for Safiport Derince. According to the report, which is a very important data for the port extension project, the possible earthquake risks are determined and the project is prepared accordingly.
Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute has prepared a real earthquake record for Safiport Derince. For Safiport Derince, there will also be a simulation study at other ports. With this study, the design of the port expansion project in accordance with the regulation due to the possible earthquake movement has been determined and the project is prepared accordingly.
Safiport Derince officials stated that they share all geotechnical studies with the Kandilli Observatory and emphasized that they have taken all kinds of measures in order to prevent any possible earthquake related damages in new investments.
Safiport Derince 'Boğaziçi University is Performing According to the Earthquake Report of Kandilli Observatory'
Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute Emeritus According to Mustafa Erdik's statement about the project, in We prepared a report which determines the effect of the port in case of a possible earthquake. Safiport Derince is structured with a project suitable for this report. 'Seismic and Harbor Structures, Seismic Technical Regulations for Railways and Airport Construction' and seismic design of the ports were arranged in accordance with the engineering rules. Safiport Derince in the structure and strengthening is done in accordance with this regulation. In order to be able to design the port structure to be earthquake resistant, it is necessary to examine the ground environment very well, to choose the right type of port structure and to determine the filling material correctly. Safiport Derince will be built in accordance with all these parameters in accordance with the report we received from 'Safiport Derince will be an earthquake-resistant port' can say. Ip
Design of Safiport Derince for Earthquake Regulation
Since the Gulf of Izmit is located in the hinterland of a mega-city like Istanbul, it hosts many ports in the region. In the Gulf region, the ports should be damaged only after a strong earthquake and the critical ports should continue to function. Dr. Erdik continued his words as follows; In It is vital to reduce both physical and human losses and job losses after the earthquake and to manage possible disasters correctly. 17 August 1999 During the Kocaeli earthquake, the ports in the Gulf Region were heavily damaged. In many ports enterprises have been disrupted, some of the sea structures have become unusable and unfortunately large losses have been encountered.
When the earthquake of 1999 was examined; The lack of adequate ground survey, lack of ground improvement studies and insufficient methods used in earthquake designs are the most important reasons for the damage in these structures. Once again, these shortcomings and inadequacies have to be eliminated - with serious enforcement of the regulation - to avoid such losses. Making port designs in accordance with the regulations not only in the Gulf Region but also on the coasts of our country is one of the most important factors in ensuring adequate earthquake performance and safety. ”

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