In Belgium the train crash took three lives

In Belgium, the train accident took three lives: the night in the Saint-Georges-Sur-Meuse district, a passenger train in front of the freight train hit the rear.
The incident occurred on Sunday night in the waters of 23.00 local time.
According to a statement from the SNCB, a state-owned railway company, a passenger train slammed into a freight train in front of it. Two of the six wagons of the passenger train were derailed. Many ambulances and firefighters were referred to the region.
SNCB sözcüNathalie Pierard said that all the injured at the crash site were rescued and that the scene would be cleared of debris when the investigations were completed.
9 was injured in an accident where train wagons became unusable. Some sources indicate that the number of injured is 40. There are serious injuries among the injured, the number of deaths is concerned.
It was reported that the disruptions on the train routes will continue on Monday.



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