Marmaray of Europe

Europe's Marmaray: The world's tallest submarine tunnel with both rail and highway between Denmark and Germany will be built.
The consortium led by the French construction giant Vinci won the tender for a large tunnel project that will connect the Scandinavian sea to Germany via the island of Sjaelland on which Denmark is also based in Copenhagen and later on Lolland. The 'Marmaray' project, which is expected to cost 3.4 billion Euros, will now reduce the travel time between Copenhagen and Hamburg to 5 hours, which lasted for 3 hours.
Completed at 2027
The 18 kilometer-long tunnel requires 160 for trains, 7 for cars and 10 for trains. The tunnel project, which includes the 4 lane highway and railway construction, is expected to be completed in 2027.
Against environmentalists
German and Danish environmentalists argued that the project would harm the whale and seal habitats, arguing that the construction of the tunnel should be stopped. Some environmental groups have long been protesting for the suspension of the project.


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