Binali Yıldırım explained the projects that are and will be made in İzmir one by one

Binali Yıldırım explained the projects that will be done and will be done in İzmir one by one: Prime Minister and İzmir Deputy Binali Yıldırım came together with NGO representatives in the city in the final of his work in İzmir. Yıldırım targeted CHP's Mustafa Balbay, who criticized him over 35 projects, and listed the projects to be carried out in the city and to be carried out in the future.
AK Party Chairperson, Prime Minister and Izmir Deputy Binali Yıldırım made the final of his work in Izmir, where he came for the first time after becoming Prime Minister, with the representatives of the city's NGOs at Kaya Termal.
In his speech, Yıldırım reminded CHP İzmir Deputy Mustafa Balbay's criticisms of “keep the promises of the service he gave to Izmir” over 35 projects for him and explained the services that the AK Party has been in the city since 2002.
Yildirim sorted out the projects to be carried out in advance.
The lines of Yıldırım's speech are as follows;
When the 65th government received the vote of confidence, he said, "Me and my friends will be the government of 79 million. I am the prime minister of all of them. ' But let everyone accept that İzmir is my pupil. I think that our nation will look at this with a nice view.
Izmir, Turkey meant to edify means to edify. I've always said him in mayoral candidacy; I said I need to Izmir Turkey. I said I should take the president to Izmir, you chose the president. But today 1 November elections before the subject of service in Izmir, we will get rid of all the expectations of the party and we will solve the issues of Izmir unanimously said. The witness is the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality. We started to work in this direction. We'il do more. Today we talked with him about the importance of these issues will hear over time. We'il do it.
Adjectives are the passage. The important thing is to leave pleasant seda. God for everyone from this service for this country to be blessed.
I think it would be appropriate to remind some of the things when a deputy said "Nothing was done to Izmir" recently.
We have invested over 14 million in Izmir in the last 30 years. It can be said little, but at least there is such an investment.
Izmir was exporting less than 2002 billion in 3. Despite all the negativities, it exported more than 8 billion last year. Izmir continues to grow. It has to grow much more…
Since 2002, we have made nearly 9 thousand new classrooms. 14 thousand TOKİ built houses. 445 thousand acres of land met with water. Abundance became abundance. We have planted over 80 million seedlings. We have built many irrigation facilities. Gördes Dam is important for the water need of İzmir. Metropolitan also has contributions. It was done and the water problem was resolved radically.
There were 30 ambulances in the past. We increased to 155 ambulances in Izmir.
We have put 200 hospital into service including 150 bed Tire, 400 bed Urla 14 bed and Kaşrıyaka-Çiğli State Hospital.
14 years ago, there were 401 kilometers of divided roads in İzmir, we increased this amount to 657 kilometers. We have connected İzmir to Manisa through Balıkesir and Aydın by divided roads. We divide the roads, united the nation, the hearts.
Acting been one of the news, but I have made Turkey's most beautiful airport in Izmir he get his story telling. Turkey's most modern airport in number of passengers ... Adnan Menderes was passed 2 million to 12 million today.
10 has used over a million citizens since the Konak Tunnel was opened. Host Tunnels will not work.
IZBAN is the longest rail transit system of the world, not only in the country, we do with Metropolitan. We went to Torbalı, Selçuk construction continues. In the coming years, it will be extended to Bergama and even to Çandarlı.
Let me give the gospel when it comes. We have extended the Ring Road to known Koyundere. It continues until Menemen. This year, we will tender the remaining 60 kilometers with the build-operate-transfer model until Çandarlı. We will clear the traffic jam in the north. That region is the heart of Izmir's economy.
We constructed a marina-standard yacht harbor shelter in Güzelbahçe.
We finished the railway between Kemalpaşa Industry and Turgutlu. We also do a logistics center.
Natural gas in İzmir started to be used in industry in 2002 and in residences in 2003.
The amount of agricultural support has found 3 billion. Livestock support 1 and a half billion bldu.
The list goes on and on. We made the ring road that turned back to the snake story that started in 1971. I guess it would have taken us half a day to come since Altinyol.
These services are important. I'm making a reminder. Of course we will. We need brotherhood and unity. No one can stand in front of us.
Stating that İzmir is an important city not only today but in every period of history, Yıldırım said, et Since the first years of the Turks coming to Anatolia, the city has continued with the transition to multi-party life and the occupation of Izmir has been the leading city to the whole world. Izmir, our independence was the place where the Independence War was declared a victory. Economic Congress did not meet here in vain. Even before the republic was founded collected and where a decision was adopted that Turkey's future 10 years. Izmir is the city where the decision of the state-based development model, which carries us to 1950, is decided. The city where multi-party life began is Izmir. Izmir has an important place in his political life for Adnan Menderes, a martyr for democracy Demokr.
President Erdogan's prime minister in the period that he gave the highest importance to Izmir stating that Lightning, "a saying that unfortunately never inexpensive politics with the President of the Republic and they were unfair to him," he said.
Yildirim said that there is a family of martyrs in the meeting of the NGO, and that they represent all their martyrs and that everyone will be comfortable and terror will end.
Emphasizing that peace come to Turkey after the end of Operation Lightning Prime Minister, he said:
Lazım Clearly, I need 3 to finish these operations. Whenever this killer terror organization gives up killing civilians, old people, young people without blinking, when the military, the police, the gun to point the gun and the martyr to give up, when the peace and security of our citizens in Anatolia is fully possible, then these operations will be finished . If this terrorist organization continues to pursue these empty dreams, it does not end and never ends if it does not give up its enthusiasm and imagination. The solution is to get rid of the terrorist organization from the state and the nation. I say to people in that area; the terrorist organization has no problem for you, your problem is the real terrorist organization. I'm going to save you from this trouble. Baş
Stating that they know the political extensions of the terrorist organization, Yıldırım said, ın We know the supporters from outside. But these will come and go. This country, this saintly nation against those who do this inability to look at the face of this nation tomorrow. They will regret what they do, and they will do things themselves, they will be in trouble. Yap
Yıldırım stated that he owed his post as prime minister to İzmir. Borç İzmir did not choose me as mayor. So they see the distant Izmir. I have another thank you. The leader of the main opposition party; 'Izmir prime minister will remove' he did not embarrass him. And thank him for that. I'm aware of my responsibility to my city. But so far, we have worked with our strength. There is no doubt that we will do more after that. For us, adjectives are temporary, permanent, serving İzmir and Turkey, "he said.
65. When the government received a vote of confidence, reminding the thanks speech, "I and my friends 79 will be the prime minister of the million. But everybody accepts this, Izmir is my pupil, I think it will tolerate my nation. Because this city gave us a lot of support. Izmir, Turkey is meant to edify means to edify. We will do more for Izmir. He is the mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. We'il do it. The important ones are transient politics and adjectives. The important thing is to leave a pleasant seda. For this beautiful city, God bless all those who put stones on the stone for the country, Bu he said.
Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, who criticized CHP Izmir deputy Mustafa Balbay who claimed nothing was done to Izmir, said, Bal Last year, despite all the negativities, we made 8 billion exports. 2002 thousand new classrooms since 9, 14 thousand TOKI housing made. 445 thousand acres of land met with water, planted trees over 80 million. 27 dam ponds and numerous facilities opened. The water problem was solved at the root of Gördes Dam. 12 billion dollars will be built in the next 25 year with the Aegean Development Project. We finished 14 hospital, put it into service. There was an 30 ambulance. We built divided roads. Someone from our deputy didn't know. I get the news I say, we have made Turkey's most beautiful airport in Izmir. The number of passengers 155 million today has exceeded 2 million. To date, the Konak Tunnel was used by 12 million Izmir. Tunnels would be useless. The İZBAN even Turkey is the world's longest rail public transport system, "he said.
Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım, who gave the good news to the people of İzmir, said:
Or We extended the ring road to Koyundere and continued until Menemen. In this year, we will make the tender for 60 with build-operate-transfer model until Çandarlı. So the traffic jam will end. The region, especially Aliağa, is the heart of economic life. We need to take the load there. We built a marina harbor in Guzelbahce. Natural gas was also used in 2003 industry in Izmir and in the houses in 2006. 3 billion in agricultural supports, found livestock support 1,5 billion. The ring road ends. We made the ring road back to the snake story. These are important things. Of course we will do more than we will do our duty. But what we need is unity, togetherness, brotherhood. After that, no one can stand before us. Turkey's potential is big, young and dynamic population. Some have oil and some have natural gas. But we have people. No matter where people are: Venezuela gets oil, sersefil. Iraq, Libyan have rich lands but the peoples are miserable. Because of the lack of instability, because of the instability. Regardless of the circumstances, our love for each other must continue. Nothing is precious enough to break through each other. 100 of the Republic of us. to move to the civilization. Where there is no trust or stability, there can be no service or success. Let us know the value of the blessing we obtain. Let us never and never allow jobs to waste our energy. Erj
"Underestimate the TURKISH POWER"
Progress in Ankara-Izmir high-speed train progressing recorded that the Lightning, said:
. You probably go all the way to 12 an hour. But the fast train Izmir, Ankara, Ankara, Izmir, 3,5 per hour. Uşak-Turgutlu tender preparations are being made. Hopefully, if an accident doesn't happen, 2019 will end the goal. Thus, we will realize the dream of Izmir's fast train. This is Ankara, and the Istanbul side is 9 billion. What does it mean. greater than national income in Turkey's 1950 years. He is doing many similar projects. In the world in extreme crisis, but Turkey realizes though. This is the 53 country's one-year gross national memory. Underestimate the power of Turkey. Turkey is a big country."
Yildirim said that the wealth now shifted to the east. Yıl In the 1970, the center of aviation was America, which is now Europe. But wealth has now shifted to the east. The number of transits 2 million was now 26 million when I started as minister. What does this mean Turkey is now the eastern, western, central happening as far east of the invention. of course, the world's largest airport in such a position worthy of Istanbul in Turkey. Competition in Istanbul is also worthy of Izmir. Already the plates in a row. 34-35 will not take anyone together. For that reason, investors, entrepreneurs, industrialists, craftsmen from Izmir will work harder. To produce more, ask us whatever you want Daha.
Binali Yildirim, Efes 2016 Combined Joint Exercise is a dazzling exercise, stating that, once again proud of the Armed Forces expressed the pride.
Lightning words, "We divide our bread, we do not böldürt Turkey. We split ways, he does not böldür Turkey, "he concluded.
The National Defense Minister Fikri Işık said that he was excited about İzmir and that he had the excitement of the Prime Minister. Izmir, pointing out that one of the most important centers in the history of the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Light, "Izmir, a city very important for Turkey. But the most important part is the beautiful human structure, the qualified human structure, they ask me if they ask. At the beginning of Turkey's provinces have the most number of qualified people coming Izmir. We will endeavor to turn these into a nimete, as we have ever tried. Now, I hope 65. In the Republican government, we will declare the fifth region in the shortest time as in the high-tech product in the medium-scale production. In the defense industry, how we move Izmir to higher levels, we will work for it. I hope to be one of the centers of defense industry in Izmir. As a minister, it is easy to say but there are two main characteristics of our Prime Minister. First of all, it's not lafa. I didn't say so. He told us he was gonna put the stone on top of it. The second feature is its trait. Were the projects around the world finished in such a short time, Takip he said.

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