3. 3 in the Airport Name Poll. Poll Opened

  1. 3 in the Airport Name Poll. Poll Opened: 3 that we announced earlier. 3 by completing the second of the airport name survey. they were surveyed. Participation is increasing day by day. The results are constantly changing.

    The name of the 2018rd airport, which is planned to be completed in 3, is not yet known. A person's survey is very popular right now. Both Atatürkist groups and President Tayyip Erdogan's supporters turned the questionnaire into a platform of excellence. Tayyip Erdogan's name is at the forefront in the survey, which is Trend Topic on social media platform Twitter. The name "RTE", which was also the leader in the first survey, remained in a very low number with the participation of Atatürkist groups in the second survey.
    When the questionnaire was Trend Topic on Twitter, it was seen as an opportunity and a new survey was opened. In the third survey, the name "RTE" is ranked first with 3 votes and 37059 percent. The name of Atatürk is in second place with 50 votes and 29649% of the votes.

  2. The name of the survey was Atatürk Name

    In the results of the second survey, the name M.Kemal Atatürk was very high in 1. it was in order. 3. the name of the poll yesterday, while the name of Atatürk today is a big difference in the name of the RTE today.
    The fact that this survey, which has no sanction and has not been done by official institutions, has received so much participation is shown as an example of polarization in our country.
    'Tayyip Bey is Not Enthusiast'

    Prime Minister Binali Yildirim during his term as Minister of Transport and Maritime Affairs, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is named after 3. Whether or not it will be given to the airport,
    I Tayyip Bey is not an enthusiast, sı he replied.