Tram Project Coming To Life in Erzincan

The Tramway Project Comes To Life in Erzincan: Within the scope of the Light Rail System (Tram) project carried out by the Erzincan Municipality, the promotion and consultation meeting of the Urban Transportation Master Plan signed between Erzincan Municipality and Gazi University was held. The details of the project and the construction phase were discussed at the meeting.

The first meeting of the Urban Transport Master Plan signed between Erzincan Municipality and Gazi University was held in Erzincan Municipality Meeting Hall. The construction phase of the Urban Rail Systems was discussed at the meeting.

Deputy Governor of Erzincan Ahmet Türköz, Fatih Kaya, Mayor Cemalettin Başsoy, Erzincan University Rector. Dr. İlyas Çapoğlu, KYK Provincial Director Fevzi Sarıçiçek, Owner of Özsöz Newspaper Kazım Erdem Özsoy, journalist and writer, corporate directors and guests attended.

Erzincan Mayor Cemalettin Başsoy, who made the opening speech of the meeting, said in his statement; “We organized such a program to introduce the tramway urban transportation master plan, which is the first step to provide a good service to our beautiful Erzincan, and to initiate related studies, exchange of ideas, and also to start the tram route, tram area planning and feasibility studies. . We made a start to realize one of the most important projects of Erzincan with our professors by getting support from Gazi University, which is an expert in this field and has a very old history and has a very old history. We wanted to open it together with you, our esteemed fellow townsmen from Erzincan, the notables of our city, the protocols of our city, our principals, and the mukhtars of our neighborhood, let's start it together and evaluate it together by taking your questions. Let's exchange views on this with you. We are here for this and thank you all for coming.

As it is known, it was one of our 30 projects on 2014 March 24. When we took over, when we came to work, we determined statuses for our projects. We have drawn a road map with our colleagues, managers and vice presidents regarding the projects we will do, and we have focused on the urgent issues of the city with our management, and within 2 years we have solved important problems and offered them to the service of our countrymen. We have important projects related to this and one of them was the tram. Urban transport is not only thinking about today, we have to perhaps the year 2065 when we brought the tram project on the agenda in 2071 until the year of population increase in Erzincan projections, Turkey, depending on the development and the development of this project by making the accounts demonstrated how a value-added Erzincan project We made effort and effort to bring it to life.

It was not possible to realize this project without the urban transportation master plan, which is a must for the realization of this project. One of the sine qua non in the researches we have done with our friends and in the researches we have done in other cities is to reveal the urban transportation master master plan. We have been working on this for nearly 2 years. Of course, while realizing these projects, I hope our teachers will give us their technical knowledge here with you. But we didn't think of the city as just 25 neighborhoods. We thought of the city as a whole. This unity is the whole of Erzincan. We think of it as the whole area between Munzur and the monks mountains. We will go step by step in this project. When we consider the first stage to be implemented over 15 km through the infrastructure and the University, we have 9 towns in the center. Integrating these 9 towns and taking into account the population projection of the town, even taking into account the large villages, to come by taking our steps firmly, we are With the support of our deputies and our minister, the decision was made to connect the towns to the center. Hopefully, the final decision will come from the Ministry of Interior and the Council of State in the coming months.

We had to make these decisions before, anticipating that the problems with 4-5 towns of any level in the city structuring would be solved. Hopefully, we will bring them step by step, gradually, and bored, so that the future works are easier. We will implement these projects so that the advanced generations can provide good transportation in Erzincan. We have to make the decisions of the last 20 years or maybe 50 years. We cannot think for the day. Unfortunately, those who think for the day are far behind the developed states. We have seen and experienced these as well. Whenever stable governments came, radical decisions were made and put into practice, we succeeded and we achieved a certain level. Thanks to this stability, we have reached a certain level in the last 14 years.

The main purpose of this project is to introduce the light tram system and light rail system to Erzincan once. We keep our goals high. I hope many big projects are implemented thanks to our government. In addition, we started to offer the opportunities in Europe to their fellow countrymen with our friends in local administrations. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this project in advance ”.

Speaking afterwards, Ahmet Türköz, Deputy Governor of Erzincan, said; “First of all, I wish the master city plan prepared for Erzincan and the construction of the rail system as soon as possible. As you know, the modern world has become a world that consumes some values ​​and perceptions very quickly. People began to receive wealth in different places. Sumptuous buildings, luxury vehicles use them, they consider it a sign of wealth. But they started to realize that the world was not like that, but also a false world. Because people want to live in a more comfortable city. They want a world that is easy to access, has finished infrastructure and they can live in joy. It emerged to meet the needs in such studies.

In our country, as our mayor said, these double roads, such as the 14rd Bridge and Airport in the last 3 years and most importantly, the road, which was 6 thousand km in the history of the Republic, tripled in the last 14 years, emerged as a result of the needy. It is inevitable and natural to get this share in Erzincan. I would like to thank Mr. Mayor for his work on this issue ”.

Finally, Gazi University Master Urban Planner and Head of Urban Transport Directorate Asst. Assoc. Dr. Hayri Ulvi, in his statement; “I have nearly 20 years of experience. Ankara, the capital of the Republic of Turkey from which transportation is one of many of my Mas Plans. As a result of a field study of about 3 years, the transportation and traffic problems for the next 25 years were entrusted to us. Thank goodness, we delivered it to our Municipality with the best of our faces. In our work in Erzincan, we are leaving all our work in 2016 aside, in consultation with our Dear Mayor. I said we will only deal with Erzincan. In order to get a share from the financial budget as of 2017, we will prepare an urban master plan and transfer it to our Ministry of Transport ”. In his presentation, Assist. Assoc. Dr. Ulvi Transportation Master Plan, Legislation, Legal Basis, Transportation Plans Staging, Basic Features of Transportation Master Plans, Common Service Project Stages, Transportation Master Plan Content, UAP Data Collection, Data Analysis, Modeling, Scenarios, Sectoral Master Plans and UAP Conceptual Model and informed the participants of the program about the project. After the presentation, ideas and answers were exchanged with the participants about the project. At the meeting, it was decided that the project will continue as an information meeting as soon as possible.

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