Silk Road Culture Dialogue was held in Erzurum

The Silk Road Culture Dialogue was held in Erzurum: "Countries on the Silk Road Route Culture Dialogue" was held on 5 May at Atatürk University in Erzurum. The "One Belt, One Road" project put forward by China was highly appreciated at the meeting.

Chinese Ambassador Yu Hongyang gave a speech titled ”Hand in Hand on a Belt with the Silk Road Spirit k at the meeting and called on the countries on the Silk Road route to interlock the policies. Ambassador Yu Hongyang stated that this strategic project has great hope in the fields of cultural, communication, economic development and the illumination of civilizations.

Erzurum Governor Ahmet Altiparmak and Mayor Mehmet Sekmen also attended the meeting. Diplomats and experts from countries such as Russia, Iran, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Georgia exchanged ideas at the meeting.

Chinese Embassy in Ankara opened a photography exhibition called ü The New Face of Silk Road ü at Atatürk University. Participants of the meeting followed the exhibition together with the teachers and students of the university.


Chinese Ambassador Yu Hongyang visited 2 in Kars on the May Day. Yu Hongyang visited Kars Governor Günay Özdemir at his office during his visit.
Chinese Ambassador Yu Hongyang, Kars, Turkey's most important in the history of the Silk Road, which opened a door to the Caucasus is an important stop, he said. Ambassador Yu Hongyang advantage of Turkey in the region and they attach importance to its original potency and said that they encourage Chinese enterprises to invest in Turkey. Chinese Ambassador Yu, China and Turkey last year between the two summit agreements signed and carried them in many areas "Silk Road Economic Belt and 21. He also stated that the m Memorandum of Understanding on the Harmonization of the Middle Corridor Initiative with the Century Sea Silk Road Ürün and the ”Export Agreement for Dairy Products Kor were closely linked to Kars. Yu, China's trade relations with Turkey's western Anatolia, including the strengthening of Kars railway project linking the first to revive the Silk Road to the east and to the people in the itinerary had expressed their desire to bring real benefits.
Kars Governor Özdemir Gunay in the negotiations, in recent years China economic sense among the world's leading states and said that increased trade relations with Turkey. Gunay, with the entry into operation of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway will revive again thanks to the economic history of the Silk Road between China and Turkey, he said cultural and political sense of the relationship will grow even more. Emphasizing the strategic location of Kars, Günay Özdemir, who provided information about Kars Logistics Center, Kars Railway Project extending to Islamabad via Kars-Iğdır-Nakhchivan-Iran, ongoing highway project between Kars-Iğdır and Iran, completed projects and logistics center and Kars will be the trade center of the region. Kars that 20 logistics centers and is one of the 15 branded planned in the country is one of the tourist city and over the years 600 thousand animals reminiscent exported Gunay, noting that the government of Turkey the great support given by implementation of favorable tax Kars Chinese businessmen said they expect to invest in Kars.


Chinese Ambassador Yu Hongyang met with TUSIAD President Cansen Basaran Symes on April, 29.

Yu Hongyang said that the Chinese government has always supported enterprises to invest abroad and that foreign businesses are easy to enter the country. The Chinese Ambassador said that they expect TÜSİAD to contribute to bilateral economic cooperation and to take breakthrough in strategic projects and to expand the area of ​​cooperation.

TUSIAD Chairman Cansen Basaran Symes, two countries in economy, energy and cooperation in areas such as railway appropriate time said they would roundtable with Chinese enterprises to take off every day by expressing his appreciation of the strengthening Chinese enterprises to come up potential they expect and cooperation to be a member of TUSIAD Turkey.


Chinese Ambassador Yu Hongyang 29 met with Turkish Airlines General Director Temel Kotil in Istanbul on April.

Yu Hongyang, in recent years it evolved rapidly relations between China and Turkey, that high-level contacts are concentrated, noting that economic and personal communication is growing stronger, strengthening the cooperation of both countries in the field of civil aviation cultural communication and said it expects to add power to the country's development.
Temel Kotil stated that they attach great importance to the influence of China in the international arena and they are ready to strengthen the cooperation that covers all areas. The cooperation between China and Turkey is a great opportunity to save face Temel Kotil that Turkey's geography that advantage by becoming Europe's and China's export center of Asia was important transport junction; The fact that Turkish Airlines is the largest airline in Europe, Airchina, Southen China and Hainan Airlines are leading the world; 3 in Turkey. he noted that the construction of the airport is continuing at a great pace and that China has increased investment in abroad. Temel Kotil said that the two countries have complementary characteristics and hope that their airlines will strengthen their competitiveness in the global aviation sector.

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