Uzbekistan Raises Target in Railway Transportation

Uzbekistan Railway Transport in the Target Upgrade: Uzbekistan, the development of the railway sector in the country during the year 4 24 units covered by the purchase of locomotives, rail transport aims to increase the rate of 20 percent.

In the statement made by the Uzbekistan State Railways, the government reportedly aimed to purchase 2016 electric locomotives, 2020 of which were passenger locomotives, in 8-24.

It was emphasized that the procurement procedures will be started soon, in the statement that preparations for the purchase of these locomotives are continuing.

In the statement, it is planned that the railway transportation in the country will increase by 8 percent in 16 as a result of the purchase of locomotives, 2020 of which will be used for passengers and 20 for freight trains, as well as the electrification of Samarkand-Bukhara, Karşı-Termez, Pap-Kokand-Margilan-Andican railways in the country within 4 years. It is also noted that it is planned to complete the work.

Uzbekistan Railways, 20 million 700 thousand passengers last year 67 million 700 thousand tons of cargo had made freight transport.

In the country, which has a total of 4 thousand 100 kilometers of railways, 66 percent of domestic freight transport and 80 percent of international freight transport are carried out by rail.



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