Izban failed passengers were stranded on the train for three hours

Izban broke down, passengers were stranded on the train for three hours: Izban's E 22102 train broke down shortly after departing from Tepeköy Station at 19.00:1,5 yesterday evening. Passengers inside the train, which stopped moving due to technical malfunction, were stranded for about 1 hours because the doors were not opened and the necessary evacuation procedures were not carried out. Later, the train went on for a short time with the help of a hammer, but broke down again before arriving at Torbalı Kuşçuburun Station, where it remained still for about XNUMX hour.

Some of the passengers, who were tired of the fault not being remedied and staying in a closed area, got off the train by opening the doors with their own means and reached the station by walking on the rails. Meanwhile, other passengers who stayed on the train called the gendarmerie and police and asked for help, but no help came. Passengers who were stranded and suffered due to a breakdown that lasted for nearly 3 hours were put on a new train at Kuşçuburun Station and the journey continued.

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