Railway and transport workers strike in France

Railways and freight workers strike in France: Railways and freight workers strike across the country in France.

Railway and transport workers struck with the call of labor unions opposing the new labor law. The SUD-Rail union 11 decided to strike every day until July, while the CGT-Cheminot union called a strike on Wednesday and Thursday.

Because of the strike, half of the intercity trains did not serve two-thirds of high-speed trains and one-quarter of commuter trains. Eurostar trains linking France to the UK are not expected to interfere with one-third of trains to Spain.

Transport workers in the cities of Paris, Caen, Le Havre and Bordeaux closed the road. Actions have caused major disruptions in traffic.

Le Havre city entrance to the protest action at the entrance of the truck used by a transport worker, to avoid bumping into the barriers of the opposite road collided with two cars. In the accident a car driver lost his life, truck driver and other car driver were injured.

With the new labor law, which is targeted to intensive protests in France, the daily maximum working hours of 10 will be increased to 12 hours, employees who want to make changes to the employment contract will be dismissed, the minimum working time of 24 hours will be reduced and the employees will be paid less overtime. The new law also gives employers the power to increase their employees' overtime and lower their salaries.



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