Delegation for the Planned Ropeway Project Arrived in Artvin

Artvin Governor's Office evaluated the existing tourism potential in the City Center and contributed to Artvin and the country's economy. kazanPersonnel of the General Directorate of Investment and Enterprises of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Plan Application Branch Manager and Survey Engineer Aylin Budak, Culture and Tourism Expert Şener Şen, Environmental Engineer Eras Eraslan and Artvin Municipality Director of Reconstruction and Science Osman Ayık, who were invited to work in our province to He did field work in Artvin for 2 days.

As the Head of Land Allocation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Investments and Enterprises, the areas in the Kafkasör Tourism Center in Artvin and which are in the nature of forest are used in the tourism sector. kazanField studies were carried out at the Kafkasör Tourism Center, which also includes the Mersivan Atabarı Ski Center.

Investigating the land in Artvin Forestry Regional Directorate, researching property on the land, researching the land on the ground and reviewing, photographing, starting point Seyitler village end point The work that carried out detailed studies on the cable car project which is the Kafkasör Tourism Center, examines the problematic issues on the spot and on the road map to be followed.

On the basis of the field studies and the documents and information compiled, the parcels determined together with the relevant units of the Ministry will be announced, the parcels in the Kafkasör Tourism Center will be evaluated and the Ministry will rent out these areas for 49 years through tenders to the entrepreneurs who want to invest. kazanIt was stated that it was intended to

The 2-stage ropeway project, which was put into practice with the intense efforts of Artvin Governor Necmettin Kalkan; Connecting the route of Kafkasör Tourism Center, which includes Artvin Çoruh University Seyitler Campus, City Center and Atabarı Ski Center, with the alternative transportation to be provided by the cable car line, thus providing both alternative transportation opportunities and a great acceleration in the tourism sector. kazanIt was stated that it was predicted that

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