Traffic suffering in the DDY level crossing in Akyürek does not end

The traffic stalk does not stop at the DDY level crossing in Akyürek: the traffic streak does not stop at the DDY level crossing in Akyürek, one of the old districts of the city.

Akyürek DDY gateway cannot bear the burden of traffic. The Tüpraş filling wagons filling the Refinery at the level crossing, which gives drivers a hard time, and the untimely crossings of the trains traveling in the direction of Kurtalan cause traffic congestion at the crossing. Some tradesmen in the passage stated that some routes did not remove the face of the traffic that is getting heavier every day due to the failure to develop a new project to ease the passage of Akyürek; “An alternative route should also be made to this passage where traffic is interrupted from time to time. The current route is karşıyakaThey said it makes the traffic of the border difficult ”.

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