How does Marmaray derail

How to derail Marmaray: In Istanbul Marmaray, the train car 12 derailed in April. Passengers had to walk on emergency routes inside the tunnel. The flights between Ayrılıkçeşme and Üsküdar were stopped. TCDD was content with the explanation that iştir it was based on a technical reason uyla, and the transportation security of Istanbulites was overturned.

So how do the wagons running on a rail transport line derail? What technical omissions eliminate the safety of the wagon system advancing on the track? We can list technically possible negligence as construction, software (signaling), mechanical, electrical, maintenance-repair and spare parts condition factors.

We can describe in detail the possible technical omissions that may cause the car to derail:

- Electro-mechanical problems in scissors on crossover tunnels used for transition between tunnels where rays are located

-The technical error in the calculation of horizontal curvature

- Exceeding safety accelerations while exceeding the speed limit of the project, accelerating or decelerating

- If the wagon control is taken under manual control, the patrol factor (train driver) factor: trainings, working hours, ie the health and safety of workers are ignored.

Software errors in the computer program (signaling problem)

-Ray, car (wagon wheel) and mechanical parts maintenance period

-French system, rod etc. settings

-Ray on the rail or a low probability of foreign matter on the track

The disaster in Marmaray was overcome with a bristle. Once again, the public's transportation security did not exist. Factors that derail the train car should be identified immediately, and the technical review must be made in a transparent manner; as long as the professional chambers should be included.


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  1. If the wagon of the marmaray is derailed, there is a reason. There is not enough casualties. In cases such as dray carom, fire, etc., a "technical failure" lie is said to close the incident, the main reason is not said. This discourse is not important. As well as measures are taken .. The reasons for the DRAY incident are clear. It is not an enigma. It may be harmless. It may also cause loss of life and property. The control of the marmaray (road, wheel, etc.) should be done by trained expert staff.