Kütahya will reach the railway crossings at the end of the year

Within the scope of the project to transform 2 level crossings on Atatürk Boulevard and at the entrance of the Küçük Sanayi site in Kütahya, the works will be completed within 5 months and the underpasses will be opened to traffic at the end of the year.

AK Party Kütahya deputies Sukru Nazli, Vural Kavuncu, Ishak Gazel and Ahmet Tan issued a press release on the underpasses. Parliaments will be completed in December and the roads will be opened to traffic MPs, "our patience in solving the problems of regional problems, and thank you for the common sense," he said.

In recent years, railways and highways at the intersection of high-level crossings in the result of the new arrangements and measures to increase the decision to make studies related to the work done, with a new capacity over a certain capacity and passenger transport at the intersections of the over and underpasses indicating that an arrangement has been made AK Party deputies Kütahya Şükrü Nazlı, Vural Kavuncu, Ishak Gazel and Ahmet Tan reported that the construction of the underpasses in Kütahya started again.

In the statement; Lanmış 3 July 2013 dated and published in the Official Gazette on 28696 Bul Railway Level Crossings and Implementation Principles to be taken on the Regulation on the ları within the city center on the Atatürk Boulevard and the small industrial site entrance of the new arrangement of the 2 level crossing was initiated by TCDD. The projects that Kütahya Municipality provided infrastructure support were awarded for 2016 Million TL in 15. In both of our crossings, due to unforeseen reasons, problems occurred and closed pavements, which are the technical requirements of the works, could not be completed. it was decided to liquidate both jobs with 4734. iki

The deputies, who said that there was a big victimization in the environment tradesmen and public due to the inability to complete the construction of the highway underpass, said: iller We demanded that the situation should be resolved to the relevant bureaucrats and resolved as soon as possible. According to the projects related to the construction of the supply, which were approved and approved by Kütahya Municipality, the tender preparations for the supply construction were completed immediately and both tenders were realized in the second week of July with the amount of 35 Million TL. The decision of the Tender Commission was approved by the TCDD Board of Directors last week and the contract was signed with the contractors. In the coming days, the place will be delivered and the works will be resumed as soon as possible. 5 month will be completed in December of our targeted crossings will be opened to traffic in the month. X

After the completion of the burdens that are cumbersome and difficult to build, the MPs who pointed out that there will be a great relief in traffic flow and safety, said, ill Our people in Kütahya will continue our works which we continue with the logic that deserves the best of everything. 15 July in the epic of our unity and solidarity in our nation that can not be seen what we can do is little. Our nation 15 showed that with its courage and heroic stance in July, the world will never accept custody and captivity. We also thank the TCDD General Directorate, the General Directorate of Highways and the Kütahya Municipality, and the engineers and workers for the road works. We would like to express our special thanks to our worthy citizens, who deserve the best of all, for their patience and common sense in solving the problems of the region. Her

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