IETT, 1000 will take more of the new bus

IETT, 1000 will take the new bus: IETT 1,9 annually carrying the year 2015 billion passengers was accepted in the Assembly of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM). Informing the Assembly, IETT General Manager Mumin Kahveci, about 6 thousand bus to the institution serving the 1000 new bus will be taken and on some lines of buses will begin to serve at night

The 2015 annual report of IETT, which is the main vein of the public transportation systems in Istanbul, was accepted after the vote in the IMM Assembly. General Manager Kahveci informed about the annual report. Expressing that IETT has a great share in the mobility in Istanbul with 5 thousand 851 buses, 726 lines, 4 million 860 thousand trips and 1,9 billion journeys per year, Kahveci said, “We maintain our feature of being the youngest fleet in Europe. Fulfilling the promise of our president this year, we buy 1000 buses. We planned lines that run at night upon the demands of our passengers. We transport our passengers to their homes and businesses day and night. In addition, we made breakthroughs in our private public buses this year. Thanks to the support we provide to our public buses, 374 new buses were purchased. Thus, buses that are not suitable for disabled access are removed from the traffic gradually. Efforts for comfort and safety will also continue in Private Public Buses. said.

Indicating that they will increase the number of smart stops, Kahveci stated that 199 stops were included in the transportation system within a year and thus the number of stops increased to 12 thousand 246. Explaining that they are trying to spread the smart stop system where passengers are instantly informed about the voyages and buses, Kahveci stated that they started the concept stop project in touristic and central regions, and that they placed wooden and nostalgic stops for the Nostalgic Tram that would not spoil the texture of the street.

Kahveci also stated that the mobile application of IETT, MOBIETT, is used by 2,3 million people and that the application can serve in different foreign languages. Kahveci, MOBİETT'nin new version of an alarm system for visually impaired people in accordance with the demands added, he added. Kahveci underlined that the next step in the application is personalized service, for example, every day the passenger who uses the bus on the same line told that they will send the current information about the bus they are using. Kahveci, also stated that the number of Istanbulkart reached 13 million. said that they completed the arrangements for card filling to be made from the internet.


Kahveci, IETT budget figures given information. 2015 year 1 354 540 184 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX TL TL XNUMX TL, the following information, specifying:

“There has been no financial borrowing. 97 million 529 thousand 573 TL of capital expenditure was spent for technological infrastructure investments, bus purchases and other investments. Balanced and strong financial structure, in line with our strategic purpose, our expenses have been brought under control with our strict budget policy implementation. Current expenditure budget realization rate is 94 percent. "

In the IMM Assembly, the IETT 2015 Activity Report was approved with 135 acceptance, 63 rejection and 1 invalid vote.

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