Open Letter from Women with Disabilities to BURULAŞ

Open Letter from Disabled Women to BURULAŞ: The Association of Disabled Women (ENKADER), which operates in Bursa, is asking Burulaş about the companion card problem they face in urban transportation.

Transportation cards issued by Burulaş leave severely disabled card holders in a victim situation. Card holders who write companions are not taken to buses without their companions, but they are offended by bus drivers.

However, we have a lot of friends who are disabled and go to work.

We are asking !!!

The disabled individual will go to work with the companion every day.

What do you aim to restrict the free legislative right of the disabled person?

Would it not be better if the cards also have access to the companion instead of the companion?

What is the crime of disabled people with heavy disabilities who can walk around in the independent city alone?

Burulaş makes it harder to live the conditions of people with disabilities who already have a difficult life.
I hope we can get answers from these questions.

Stay calm ...

Günceleme: 09/12/2018 16:47

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