Anatolian - European Side Integrated Rail System Project Survey project and consultancy service tender has been concluded.

İstanbul BB Anadolu - European Side Integrated Rail System Project Tender, survey and consultancy service tender concluded

Istanbul Transportation A .S. kazanwas.

The contract is expected to be signed with the company after the legal process has expired. The technical points and financial proposals (TL) of the firms participating in the tender are as follows:

Technical Score

l. Altmok Engineering 82,83- 1.495.000
2. Istanbul Transportation Inc. 100- 1.627.000
3. Optim Obermeyer 82,83- 1.645.000
4. Proyapı Engineering 85,86 -2.491.500
5. Geodata - Emay Project 88,89- 2.700.000
6. Mescioğlu Engineering 84,85- 2.738.000
7. Prota Engineering 82,83- 3.400.000

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