Tika to Build Hejaz Railway Museum in Jordan

Tika to Build Hicaz Railroad Museum in Jordan: Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) will restore the Hicaz Railway Amman Train Station in Jordan and turn it into a museum. The official opening of the TİKA Amman Program Coordination Office will be held during the visit of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu to Jordan.

Although TİKA has started to operate in Jordan, it has been playing an active role in its projects. In this context, TIKA is carrying out projects in many fields ranging from education to restoration, from health to humanitarian aid.
II. The Hejaz railway, one of the important projects of the period of Abdulhamid Khan, was built between Damn and Medina route between 1900-1908 years. The construction of the railway was commenced on 1 on September 1900 between Damascus and Der'a. The line started from Damascus to Medina; In 1903 he arrived in Amman, in 1904, in Maan, in Medina in 1 September 1906 and in Medina in 31 August in 1908. The main stations of the Hejaz railway line include the stations of Damascus, Der'a, Katrana and Maan, as well as Amman.

Due to lack of education, economic inadequacy, lack of care, the three buildings in Amman railway station, which were left unattended for a long time, had entered into a process of deterioration for various reasons. For this reason, the project was designed by TIKA for the restoration of three buildings constructed as lodging for the station staff at Amman railway station and for the construction of the museum building where a new Hicaz railroad with an area of ​​approximately 1500 m² is planned.

Food and blankets were distributed to the 4 family in different regions of 1500 of Amman, the capital city of Amman with the cooperation of TİKA and Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. 70 of the families of the Syrian refugees, the 30 is a Palestinian and Jordanian citizens. A total of 1 million 375 thousand Syrian refugees are present in the country, but only the 110 thousand live in Syrian refugee camps.

In the context of sociocultural programs, TIKA has more orphan and disabled children than Palestinian 12 who live in 200 camp in Jordan with the motto sorun Journey to History and Social Responsibility ini with the motto yaşayan Journey to History X iftar

brotherhood between Jordan and Turkey in all fields, build friendship bridges, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club in order to strengthen relations 15 personality Wrestling Federation in cooperation with the Jordan support was provided by TIKA national athletes to receive training in Turkey.

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