Smart card system sheds on minibuses in Izmir

📩 09/12/2018 16:40

Smart card system was shaded in minibuses in Izmir: The project of integrating minibuses in urban transportation into smart card system was shelved in İzmir. Ort We cannot carry passengers with this fare, al he said.

The work initiated by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu in order to include the M plate bin 117 minibus, which provides public transportation service in the city center, to the smart card and transfer system such as bus, metro, ferry and İZBAN, resulted in a fiasco. The results of the test application initiated by the ESHOT General Directorate in the Chamber of Minibuses and the 2014 minibus lines serving in central districts such as Bornova, Çiğli, Buca and Konak in April 10 were effective in the shelving of the project. Concrete steps related to the project, which President Kocaoğlu first mentioned in 2013, were taken in 2014. Within the scope of the work carried out jointly with the Chamber of Minibuses affiliated to the Union of Izmir Chambers of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, a test study was conducted for 2014 month in 10 minibus lines serving in Konak, Buca, Çiğli and Bornova districts in April 1. With the new system, both the minibus shopkeepers would carry more passengers by serving on short lines, and the residents of Izmir would have the opportunity of cheaper and faster transportation. It is envisaged that the tariffs in ESHOT, İZULAŞ, Metro and İZBAN will be applied exactly for the minibuses where the 90-minute transfer system will be valid. Kocaoglu said that in the process he also drew attention to this aspect of the system would be a first in Turkey.

Kocaoğlu said, “We want the minibus shopkeepers to get rid of money exchange by switching to the Kentkart application. The gain will depend on the work. The more you work, the more you will earn. We will guarantee your business, your vaccine, we will try to grow it ”he said. Taner Uğuz, the head of the Izmir Minibuses Association Chamber of Trades, said that the 1.5-minute transfer system, which provides two or more free rides to public transportation vehicles within 90 hours, said that this integration does not have a chance to be implemented. Stating that the results of the test application were examined, Uğuz said, “The 90 minutes free transportation system decreases the average unit price per passenger to 85-90 kuruş. "We do not have the chance to carry the passenger we carry with a fee of 2 lira 50 kuruş to 2 lira 75 kuruş," he said. Uğuz reminded that the Metropolitan Municipality removed some districts from the 90-minute system and said, “I think the smart card system in minibuses can be applied in external districts. But there is no such thing in metropolitan districts at the moment. The results of our test application revealed our right. "If a different system, a different method is found, then I cannot say anything."

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