Soma Logistics Center Report Completed

📩 09/12/2018 16:40

Soma Logistics Center Report Completed: the mining disaster that took place in the year 2014 Manisa sitting on Turkey's agenda in the Soma district to increase the sectoral diversity and prepared in order to contribute to the county's economy, 'Soma details of the pre-feasibility report of the Logistics Center was announced.

The preliminary feasibility report of the Soma Logistics Center was announced at a meeting held at Anemon Hotel. The report of edi Investigation of the Effects of Çandarlı Port and Istanbul Highway on the Provincial Economy edi project prepared by Zafer Development Agency and supported by Manisa Governorship, Celal Bayar University and Provincial Directorate of Science, Industry and Technology was completed. The report prepared for the establishment of a logistics center in Soma was shared with the relevant institutions related to the meeting held at Anemon Hotel. Manisa Governor Erdoğan Bektaş, Manisa Celal Bayar University Rector. Dr. Kemal Çelebi, Manisa Science and Industry Technology Provincial Director Erbil Kalmış, various faculty members of the university and the authorities and representatives of relevant institutions participated.

Manisa Science and Industry Provincial Director of Technology Assoc. Dr. Erbil Kalmış stated that the purpose of the prepared report is to carry out the preliminary feasibility study of the logistics center, which was set up in Soma, and stated that the logistic center to be established in the report will benefit both the district and the region in terms of economic, employment and sectoral diversity. Remained, eler Soma district is one of the districts that are especially focused on a single sector. The coal industry addresses almost every home. As our Directorate, we think that it will be beneficial to have sector diversity in this district olarak.

The Manisa Governor Erdogan Bektas after the whole world of mining accidents in Soma experienced and deeply affected by the accident reminded that major amendments in the mining sector in Turkey. Edi Soma has now become a wounded concept, haline said Governor Bektas.

Esi This concept needs to be urgently repaired and improved. In this context, we have done research about what can be done. One of the important titles in Manisa was Soma. In Soma 105 is spoken in a thousand population. 15 thousand mine workers are mentioned. There are about 75 thousand people with mine dialogue. There is one-way one-dimensional and one-pole economy. We have a mine in the mine, coal and underground. Therefore, the district needs to be diversified economically. Of course, the mining in our district will be evaluated. All necessary measures are taken within this. Soma mining accident was a milestone in Turkish mining. It is a transformation point. Turkey can no longer mining in primitive conditions. We can say that we received a thousand advice from this evil. Bu

Best Location for Logistics Center SOMA
Stating that the establishment of a logistics center in Soma will make significant contributions both to the district and the region, Governor Bektaş stated that the district is on important highways and high-speed rail routes, and is only a mile away from the newly built Çandarlı port. We realized that Soma could be a logistics center. Istanbul-Izmir highway passes right next to the district. Some highways pass through the district again. High speed train lines are thought to pass by our district. We are located in an important north-south axis. Istanbul, Izmir, Soma, Manisa, Aydin is going. Creating a connected line. The Çandarlı port is close to Soma. In addition, we are trying to implement an organized industrial zone on a thousand acres of land in our district. The area where the center is planned to be established is an 76-15 thousand square meter area on the motorways within the organized industrial zone which is planned to be established. We believe in this project. It will make a significant contribution to both Soma district and our country. There will be a regional transformation project. Our goal is to start the construction of this central moment. Now the reports are ready, what can be done for the establishment of the center will be put forward, Şimdi he said.

After the speech of Erdoğan Bektaş, Governor of Manisa, Assoc. Dr. Çiğdem Sofyalıoğlu gave information about the results of the prepared report. Assoc. Dr. In the report, Sofyalıoğlu stated that the scientific center, which aims to establish the logistics center, will benefit all aspects of the district. Establishment of targeted bases in Turkey, voicing Assoc would become an important base in transit. Dr. Sofyalıoğlu said, X Soma District is the 87 kilometer to Aliağa ports which has an important place in the region and 76 to North Aegean Çandarlı Port. When the Çandarlı port is completed, it will compete with the important transfer ports in the Eastern Mediterranean countries due to its features. Thus it will become an important base for transit transportation of logistics base will be established in the county, saying, "Turkey's logistics Master Plans began to take shape this year and said that this plan is targeted to be completed within the year 3. In this context, Sofyalıoğlu stated that the Soma logistics center is included in this plan and it is aimed to be included in the investment plan in 2020 and that the 2022 will be completed and put into operation.

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