Only women's wagons arrive in Germany

Only women's wagons come to Germany: Central German Regional Railways announces that special sections will be allocated for women on trains

It is reported that there will be special sections for women on trains that run between the cities of Lepzig - Chemnitz in the east of Germany.

A statement from the Central German Regional Railways (MRB) stated that two separate sections will be allocated inside the train for women traveling alone and with their children.

In the statement, it was emphasized that it is aimed to ensure that women feel safer on the train. Particularly planned for women's departments to be close to the sections of the workers and trainers were expressed.

The German Railways (DB) offer special sections for women traveling alone on bed trains.

Special section application for women on trains in countries like Japan, India, Mexico, Brazil, Egypt and Indonesia is available for many years. 15 years ago, the Swiss Railways also went to a similar application for security reasons, but because of the lack of sufficient demand has changed to a different security concept.

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