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izmir railway
izmir railway

İZMİR’de raylı sisteminin iki kardeş kuruluşu Metro ile İZBAN’ın toplu taşımadaki payı, nüfus büyüklüğüne oranla yolculuk sayısı ve uzunluk kriterlerine göre Türkiye ortalamasının üzerinde yer aldı. İzmir’de toplu taşıma araçlarıyla her gün toplam 1.7 milyon yolcu taşınırken, raylı sistemde bu sayı yaklaşık 650 bin.


Thus, the share of the system in public transport found 38. 149 kilometers line length, Turkey's largest train fleet and having lived in Istanbul in 16 percent of the population over 10 million, while this figure remained below the 54 percent xnumx'n-kilometer line in Ankara.


İzmir Metro and İZBAN were in front of the two cities in the ratio of the number of passengers carried to the population. 4 million 650 thousand travels every day, in other words, the 15 of the population at least 10 to use the equivalent of the rail system entered the statistics. While this figure did not reach 6 in Istanbul, Ankara remained at XNUMX level.


IZBAN, with the introduction of the Torbalı line 110 kilometer, Izmir Metro reached the 20 kilometer, while the rail system length 130 kilometers found. With the completion of Selçuk and Bergama lines, this figure will be 207 kilometers. Izmir, so the longest line is expected to leave behind Istanbul.


İZBAN carried its first passenger at 30 August 2010. 5.5 annually the number of passengers reached 90 million. Rail system transportation started with 2000 wagon of Izmir Metro in 45. The system has expanded its fleet to 16 annually and extended it to 87. With the addition of IZBAN fleet, the number of rail vehicles in Izmir has increased to 306. With the launch of Metro's new 95 vehicle and the tram's 38 vehicle, the fleet will be 439. Konak and Izmir will be operated by Karşıyaka While tram constructions are in progress, the two lines, totaling 22 kilometers, are expected to significantly reduce the traffic load.


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