ESHOT new transportation system created in the light of science

ESHOT's new transportation system was created in the light of science: The system change planning preparation for public transportation in İZMİR was initiated in 2010 with the introduction of İZBAN, according to the city card statistics that have been carried out with the support of Dokuz Eylul University for four years and show all the details of passenger boarding. ESHOT General Directorate said, “The application was launched after 4 years of study by analyzing detailed travel requests. The system was created in the light of science ”.
ESHOT General Directorate officials announced the preparatory period for the new system in İzmir, which started with the slogan “We will change habits” in public transportation, reducing the number of buses in the city center and main arteries and strengthening the transfer system. Stating that cooperation with Dokuz Eylul University has been established since 2010 to shape the new transportation system that started with the introduction of IZBAN in 2011, officials said that the travel habits of more than 1.5 million passengers are analyzed in the light of city card data.
Drawing attention to the fact that the first phase of the system is the effective use of İZBAN and the opening of the transfer centers, ESHOT powers are in the consultancy of Dokuz Eylül University, which was completed in September 2011, “ESHOT General Directorate Exists and Optimization of the Transportation Lines with the Road Based Transportation Systems, Progressive. Business Lines stated that the Planning Project to be Carried out regarding the Business Integration of Public Spaces ”has been developed. ESHOT officials stated that bus lines were evaluated at this stage and that the lines to be revised were prepared to work in the most efficient way, and they carried out a study that took into account the travel routes and times and the intensity of the stops. "At the end of the project, it was aimed to reduce the fuel consumption by reducing the bus course times, to reduce the traffic time by reducing the travel times, and to increase the quality of the journey of the citizens," said ESHOT officials.
Explaining that the "Reconstruction of Line Routes" project, which constitutes the system change infrastructure, was launched between June 1, 2012 and November 30, 2012, ESHOT General Directorate stated that the travel requests were evaluated with statistics based on city boarding data. Stating that information analysis was made on the basis of trips and stops at the regional level in the second phase of the project, which was carried out with the aim of determining the density and vehicle occupancy levels on the basis of line and route, “A comprehensive information base was created. Arrangements regarding the studies were presented to the headmen of the neighborhood, their opinions and suggestions were received and their contributions regarding the final status of the project were received. The new system was brought to the application point as a result of a 4-year long-term study in line with the data produced by making detailed journey demand analyzes. ”

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