Kataner Installation Agreement signed between Metroray and Yapı Merkezi

Agreement between Metroray and Construction Center was signed Kataner: Metroray İnş. Electromechanical San. And Tic. Inc. with the company Yapı Merkezi İnş. Singing. Inc. An agreement was signed on 10.03.2016. Agreement, Kayas Irmak - Kirikkale Çetinkaya Line Section of the Establishment of Electrification Facilities (Section 3) Kayseri Boğazköprü-Km 364 + 990 within the scope of works with the intercession of the 239 + 106 cemetery facilities include works. Under the deal 12 will continue Metroray will do the drilling and commissioning works in this section.
After signing the agreement, Metroray A.Ş. company has brought the Katener-built locomotives and OLS type catenary mounting tools to the Yenifakılı gar area and started the mobilization works.

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