President Altepe, Teleferik Hike Was Inevitable

President Altepe, Teleferik Hike was Inevitable: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, Nilufer River smell caused by the Ayamama, Çalı, Kayapa, Hasanaga and Akçalar said they were working to take control of the waste in factories in the region. President Altepe, the ropeway is obliged to increase the hike, mec 30 was saving liras. Formerly the back of the municipality was hunched, now by the private company by taking two-fold 9 mileage was invested. The 80 of the people who already ride the ropeways are foreigners. The price of the cable car in the other part of the world is Bursa's 6-7 floor. Dün

President Altepe, opposition sözcüHe answered his questions. Altepe noted that Bursa is not the most expensive city in terms of water prices and that it is in the 13th place. Reminding that the hike on the cable car is inevitable, Altepe said, “This company invested here. The cable car was previously hunched on the back of the municipality. They increased the line from 4,5 kilometers to 9 kilometers. We were hurting. Now the company has invested and 30 liras did not save them. Foreigners make up 80 percent of those who ride the cable car anyway. The capacity was also increased 11 times. When we compare it with the outside world, the cable car prices are 7 times cheaper in Bursa, ”he said.

📩 24/11/2018 16:36

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