Citizens will choose the overpasses to be built at tram stations in Bursa

Citizens will choose the overpasses to be built on tram stations in Bursa: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality initiated a survey study in order to determine the overpasses to be applied to 9 tram stations that will completely change the face of Istanbul street.
The 9.4 tramway station will be built on Istanbul Street within the scope of the 2 kilometer T9 tramway project that will connect the City Square and Terminal with the 23 model prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality for the 9 tram station. Citizens will also be able to present their own proposals in the survey.

While the construction works on the planned T9.4 City Square - Terminal tram line with a total length of 11 kilometers with 2 stations continues, the survey study has started to determine the design of the overpasses that will give an aesthetic appearance to Istanbul Street.

While 23 station projects are being prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality, only 9 of them will be implemented, from designs that reflect the historical texture of the city to modern designs. In order to determine the preferences of the citizens, a survey study started on the official website of the addressed Metropolitan Municipality. Citizens who want to participate in the survey will be able to choose their favorite 23 of the 9 projects whose photos are on the survey page.

Citizens will also be able to make suggestions on the form of overpass in their dreams, as well as existing projects. Again, with the QR code application, citizens can easily vote on their mobile phones. The results of the survey, which will continue until the end of September, will be announced on the official website of the Metropolitan Municipality and shared with the public.

11 station will
There will be 11 stations in the middle of Istanbul Street. The 9 bin 445 meter of the total 8 bin 415 meter long line, the main line to be operated and the 30 meter will be used as a warehouse parking area. Within the scope of the construction tender; In addition to the stations, 3 railway bridge and 2 highway bridge, 6 pieces transformer and 1 warehouse will be built on the creeks. When the T2 line starts to run, the journeys will be carried out with the 12 tramway using the 2 series. Operating speed is expected to be higher than the T1 line. Stations will be 60 meters long and overpass. Within the scope of the study, energy transmission lines will be taken under ground and all lighting systems will be renewed. The existing service routes will be included in the main road with the new arrangement, while the environmental arrangements and the city entrance will gain a more aesthetic appearance.

The stations of the new tram line between Kent Square and the City Bus Terminal will be constructed at the following points.

In front of the City Square, Gençosman Türk Telekom six, XYUMX meters behind Beşyol Junction, 300 meter forward of Beşyol Junction, front of Melodi Wedding Hall, front of Forest Regional Directorate, front of Traffic Inspection Branch Directorate, Panayır Junction, front of Identity Store, AS Center front, intercity bus terminal.


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