Proposal for Domestic Cars After a Local Tram

Durmazlar Makina
Durmazlar Makina

📩 17/03/2019 18:46

Then the tram Indigenous Domestic Car Production Proposal: Metropolitan Municipality, under the leadership of local tram produced silkworm production work site viewing Bursa Governor Munir Karaloğlu, "Now Turkey has a local tram. Bursa's success in achieving this, proud of us all, is a development that raises our chest. Bursa

Bursa Governor Munir Karaloğlu with Mayor Recep Altepe, local tram 'Silkworm's production work examined. Durmazlar By visiting Machine Durmazlar Machine Chairman Hüseyin Durmaz'dan information about the technical details of tram production Governor Karaloğlu, produced under the leadership of the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa proud of the local tram, he said.

En Bursa has achieved the highest quality of domestic production “

Mayor Recep Altepe expressed his happiness of producing the first local tram in the industrial city of Bursa. Tram 5 and 6 produced for Bursa at the moment. The work of local trams continues. Here, we also see how tramyav production came from the first day to today and its current position in the world. accordance with world standards and production of the first domestic tram as a means produced at the highest quality, giving happiness to see that Turkey has succeeded, "he said.

Durmazlar'S is an important project implemented expressing Altepe President, "This local trams, as soon as we have seen in all cities in Turkey and recently in European cities and streets. It was a dream before, we were dreaming. Most people did not believe it, but it is seen that this can be done, the best and the highest quality of domestic production in Bursa has achieved. ”

“We are proud of Bursa“

Bursa Governor Munir Karaloğlu interest in examining the work of production, Turkey "I am extremely happy to see that here was a dream realized. Of course there is also the public - private sector cooperation. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality stands out with the idea of ​​a local tram and is looking for a partner, partner is also next to him, Bursa industrialist. Hüseyin Durmaz is dedicated to this business. We are proud of the fact that this production takes place in Bursa Bu.

De Let Bursa produce domestic car “

"Now Turkey has a local tram," said Karaloğlu, done by calling the local automobile production in Bursa, "Tram our domestic and our local subway cars. Hopefully we will have local high-speed trains in the future. This is really an improvement that all of us take pride in. This may work in Turkey and the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa who believe and put this peace work, and finally succeeded in the risk area Durmazlar congratulations. Hopefully the local tram, the local subway vehicle and the local high-speed train will leave Bursa as well as the local automobile. We believe it. Bursa, we have young and talented engineers who are ready for this with its accumulation so far. I hope this city produces domestic automotive. Many people have labor, I congratulate all employees..

Durmazlar Hüseyin Durmaz, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, thanked Governor Karaloğlu and Mayor Altepe for their support and explained the details of their work.

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