İZBAN's Torbalı line made its first trip yesterday

İZBAN's Torbalı line made its first voyage yesterday: the first flights on the 30 kilometer Torbalı line of İZBAN started with the participation of President Görmez on 05.25 yesterday morning.
The biggest urban suburban system of our country, İZBAN's 30 kilometer Torbalı line was opened yesterday morning. The first voyages were made at Cumaovasi and Tepekoy stations at 05.25 in the morning. Despite the holiday days, Tepeköy, Torbalı, Kuşçuburun, Develi, Pancar and Tekeli stations were very dense. According to preliminary data, the number of passengers using the 6 station exceeds 5. During the day the voyages continued until the movement of the last set at 23.55. For the first time, İZBAN staff were present at the stations with the station and security staff to assist the citizens using the suburban system of subway standards. While distributing brochures introducing the rail system to the citizens, everyone was able to travel without difficulty. The Mayor of Torbalı Adnan Yaşar Görmez attended the first expedition in the project which provided the extension of the existing Aliağa-Cumaovası line to Torbalı in the scope of the Izmir Suburban System. State Railways 3. Regional Director Murat Bakir also took the time, the metro from Torbali took the protocol, went to Cumaovasi. Then they returned to Torbalı by the high speed train using the same line. President Görmez said that they had a joy in the region with the arrival of İZBAN in the region. In agriculture, we have reached to İZBAN as the award of the record in the industry, the growth in urbanization and the record in tax payments. We would like to thank our Minister of Transport, Mr. Binali Yıldırım, our Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu and the technical team who contributed to this great investment. Bize

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