Erciyes will be the center of winter tourism with its culture skiing concept

Erciyes culture skiing will be the center of winter tourism with the concept: Turkey's most important winter destinations of Erciyes Ski Center, the world's going to be one of the most important winter tourism centers, 90 percent of the sports infrastructure in central completed, the runway at 102 kilometers was built in Kayseri Erciyes Inc. Chairman Cıngı: “Those who come to ski can visit Cappadocia as well. We will introduce Erciyes to the world by basing our goal on culture skiing ”

Erciyes in Turkey's major ski resorts, "ski culture" concept, the button was pressed to make one of the world's most important winter tourism centers. 90 percent of the sportive infrastructure in the center has been completed.

Kayseri Erciyes A.Ş. Chairman Murat Cahid Cıngı, AA said in a statement to reporters, the world's winter tourism is the presence of Turkey's emphasis, 8 million people, the income derived from Austria's only winter tourism, almost said to be equal to Turkey's summer tourism.

In this context, Cıngı stated that they have been working seriously since 2005 in order to carry Erciyes to the top of the world winter tourism and expressed that they aim to make Erciyes, which has winter tourism activities for 70 years, among the world-famous ski resorts in Austria, Sweden and France. .

In this context, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality master plan prepared that expresses Cıngı, as a result of work carried out by consultancy and engineering company in Austria that they create sporting infrastructure and 5 years ago in Turkey for the first time a mountain management company in Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality within Kayseri Erciyes Inc. ' stressed that they had established.

Within the scope of the plan, to attract global visitors to expand the potential of the mountain infrastructure, runways, duplex roads, accommodation facilities, such as cable cars that tell about the investments made Cıngı, 350 million-euro budget covering the infrastructure section of the plan for the 150 million euros spent by the Metropolitan Municipality, he said.

The most important advantages with respect to Erciyes other mountain centers, the city center is only present 20 minutes away from the transfer Cıngı, they build Turkey's biggest track at 102 kilometers long, said that the completion of 90 percent of the sports infrastructure.

Cıngı stated that the municipality has sold 21 hotel lands to the private enterprise until today, some of them have been completed and started to serve and they will reach 5 thousand beds in the next 6 years, and they have brought it to Erciyes whatever is in the best ski resorts in the world.

Erciyes last year that 1 million 600 thousand people visited, while this year Cıngı said they are aiming to 2 million people, which is mountainous, 70 percent spend moving winter tourism resources in Turkey and summer tourism expressed the need to move gained the success of the winter tourism.

- "Cultural Skiing" concept for ski lovers

Stating that they do not invite ski lovers to ski only, Cıngı stated that it is a great advantage that Erciyes is close to the Cappadocia region known for its historical and natural beauties.

Cıngı said, “Those who come to ski can also visit Cappadocia. For this purpose, we developed the concept of cultural skiing and registered the brand to our company. We will introduce Erciyes to the world by basing our target on culture ski. ”

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