Free subway to trans individuals

Free metro for transgender people: In Madrid, the municipality announced that they have prepared a transit card that trans individuals can use the metro free of charge 38 times.
Transgender individuals can travel free in the subway with a new application launched after the murder of a transgender person in Madrid, Spain.
According to Gzone, last week, the city municipality, which spread arms due to a trans murder in Spain's capital Madrid, developed many campaigns against the discrimination against transgender people. According to the first application in the city, trans individuals will be able to travel free of charge by metro.
Preparing a card that has the right to use 38 times free of charge to the trans people living in the city, the municipality invited the transgender to apply to get the trans individuals from this website. The municipality, which invites the people of Madrid to tolerance against the discrimination shown to the transgender people, also announced that similar works will continue for the trans people to live freely in society.


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