Snow bike excitement on the cart

Snow bike excitement in Kartepe: Snow bike, known as 'Snowbike' in the world, started to be introduced and given courses on the slopes of Kartepe Ski Center for the first time in our country.

The snow bike, which was introduced as the 'new name of fun in snow' at Kartepe Ski Center for the first time in our country, is used on the tracks after a less than 45 minutes of training.

Explaining that they have fun and started a new sports activity, Snow Bike Our Country Representative Yamaç Ongan said, “Snow biking, which is only made in Kartepe in our country, is a practical activity from sledding. Snow bike started to be used in Kartepe for the first time in our country after Austria, USA, Canada and Japan. "At the end of a training that lasts for an estimated 45 minutes, we introduce you to the snow bike," he said.

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