Çorum high speed train and the airport

Çorum high-speed train and the airport must be reached as soon as possible: Information Culture and Tourism Development Support Association (BİKTUDER) President Hayati Çam, gladly announced last week that Governor Ahmet Kara will start his / her work in Çorum to start the reconstruction of the airport where the 22 has been completed. stated that an airport with high standard should be built in Corum.
Turkey In the 22 international 23 local airport for a total 55 airport noted that the active in pine, "Merzifon 6 km, Amasya 45 km and Çorum 63 km from the State Airports Administration of Amasya Merzifon Airport, Weather 20 was opened to civil air traffic on 2008 June and started domestic scheduled flights.
Amasya Merzifon Airport uses Amasya Merzifon Airport, which is the local air port of Tokat, Çorum and Samsun, as well as Amasya due to its geographical location.
BİKTUDER President Çam, in his following statement, gave the following opinions:
In 1Private election of the deputies, tradesmen's chambers, non-governmental organizations, bureaucracy, Çorum and Çorum people to be elected after the elections of 2015. We made a call on 1 October 2015 as an association to submit the necessary works to the public.
We are delighted to announce that the last week in the city of Corum by Mr. Ahmet Kara, the Governor of Corum, will start work on the reconstruction of the airport, where the 22 has been completed. However, it is stated that 20-25 taxi planes will get up and down. As we mentioned in the press release that we mentioned before, it was revealed that the airport fees of Merzifon airport are more expensive compared to Ankara between the 34 and 54. We hope that 20 - 25 taxi fare will be announced to the public by the authorities. In the case of 1000 TL, the protocol and the rich will be paid only if the taxi fare is paid by the public. Industry, agriculture and tourism have an important place in our city. If the airport is to be made small, it is also a matter of curiosity to find a solution to the overseas countries for the export of industrial and agricultural products with large cargo planes.
In another statement of the Governor, it is stated that the high-speed train will be replaced by the High-speed train. Why is not the airport and high-speed train worthy of the province of Yozgat?
As an association, we do not find the public airport to be constructed, but the protocol and VIP airport are right for our city. Dernek


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