Istanbul to initiate work for Metropolitan Climate Action Plan

The Istanbul Metropolitan Climate Action Plan is starting to work: A comprehensive road map will be prepared for the comprehensive study of President Kadir Topbaş's “Ecological Restoration İstanbul. In line with the Climate Action Plan, increasing investments in rail systems until 2019, preferring environmentalist fuels in wheeled systems, setting up solid waste incineration plants for electricity generation, commissioning of solar and power plants for the production of renewable energy, and encouraging environmentally friendly building. There are titles such as dissemination of use.

TOPBAŞ explained at the Summit in Paris

Mayor Kadir Topbaş pointed to the X Climate Change Plan “which will be launched in 2016 with the promise of” A new environmentally sensitive structure Plan at the Local Leaders Climate Summit in Paris.

UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon and French President Hollande also attended the summit, hosted by the Mayor of Paris Hidalgo, at the summit of Topbaş as the President of the United Cities and Local Administrations Organization (UCLG), representing all local governments in the world.

Topbas at the summit, the global ecological apocalyptic expectation of a period in which individuals should determine the appropriate lifestyle of the environment.


Perhaps the most important steps to be taken in the name of the environment in Istanbul will be rail system and public transportation investments. Because of the widespread use of public transport, carbon monoxide emissions from individual vehicles are reduced. The renovation of the IETT fleet with low emission and environmentally friendly engines is one of the factors that increase the air quality of Istanbul.

With the introduction of the BRT system, the reduction of individual vehicle use and the vehicles withdrawn from the traffic prevented the emission of around 750 tons of carbon per day. Not only against the traffic problem but also the importance of public transportation in terms of air quality in Istanbul. IMM will spend 2016 Billion in transportation in 8 and most of this figure will go to metro investments. 5 Billion 800 million liras source will be used for X Ecological Restoration ç target in Istanbul.


İSKİ In the case of Istanbul's largest energy consumer ıyla Annual consumption as far as the city of Edirne… With the order of Mayor Topbaş, İSKİ is starting to produce its own energy.

For this, power plants will be established for Wind and Solar Energy. In addition to the steps that İSKİ will take for environmentally friendly energy production, advanced biological treatment plants will be an important element of “ecological restoration”. Because İSKİ will put into service Büyükçekmece, Selimpaşa-Silivri and Bag Advanced Biological Treatment Plants in 2016, as well as Tuzla, Baltalimanı, Yenikapı and Kadıköy Advanced Biological Treatment plants will also be put out to tender.


Solid waste incineration plants are among the most important steps for the environment in Istanbul.

Japan, America and Germany, especially in all developed countries, the system is coming to Istanbul. With the Odayeri Solid Waste Incineration plant, 3 thousand tons of solid waste per day will be disposed of even without damaging the 1 grams. Thanks to the facility 1 and half a million people electricity and 3. The heating needs of the airport will be met. A similar facility will then be established on the Asian side.


Among the goals of President Topbaş, 1000 kilometers of bicycle paths to Istanbul kazanThere is also climbing. In this way, it is aimed both to encourage sports and to popularize bicycles that do not harm the environment in transportation. Another important project is the continuation of the construction in Istanbul with environmentally friendly buildings. For this, IMM will implement incentive models that will make it attractive to make environmentally friendly buildings.

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