Sivas Cumhuriyet University has a high level of transportation problem

Sivas Cumhuriyet University transportation problem at the top level: Transport and Railroad Employees Rights Union President Abdullah PEKER, Cumhuriyet University has increased the transportation problem.

Cumhuriyet University has an 49.473 student with 53.195 undergraduate students and graduate students as of this academic year. The Faculty of Education and the KYK dormitory, which were built to expand the campus, caused more distress. Private Public Buses students are not considering themselves. Therefore, the students are charged again to take the students to the main station, and the KYK dormitory and the return to the Faculty of Education are held at certain hours. In order to solve the problem, there is no charge at the main station or central cafeteria. In return to the Faculty of Education and the return to the KYK dormitory, the ring system requested private public buses did not accept this as free of charge. As a result, Garanti Bank offered a bus to the students for the first time. The Rectorate of Cumhuriyet University has allowed staff services to be used by the students. In addition, the Fadlum Bridge, which is an alternative to the university transportation, remained insufficient.

An effective and definite solution light rail system project for university transportation must be completed and put into service as soon as possible. All work done outside of this will be in vain. Fahrettin KASAPLI and Oğuzhan KARATAŞ, who are studying at the Automotive Engineering Department of the Faculty of Technology of C.Ü.

In the previous days, we talked with the Rector, Mr. Faruk KOCACIK, as a union about transportation to the university. He pointed out that the light rail system project should be finalized and that they were also a project of their own. .

In the following stages, we will forward the issue to the Sivas Governorship to Sivas Municipality and finally to the Minister of Transportation Mr. Binali YILDIRIM.

Günceleme: 07/12/2018 17:55

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