Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics 6. Graduates

Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics 6. Graduates: Beykoz Logistics Vocational School 6. Graduates received their diplomas in 11 June 2015 with a ceremony held in Hidiv Pavilion. Bir With this year's graduates, 3 has become a big family of over 1,000 people, aile said President of Board of Trustees Ruhi Engin Özmen.
Beykoz Vocational School of Logistics 6. Graduates received their diplomas in 11 June 2015 with a ceremony held in Hidiv Pavilion.

In the 2014-2015 Academic Year, 20 students graduated from the total 642 program including formal Turkish, English and distance education programs. Dilara Aktas, the student of the Maritime and Port Management Program, was the winner of the Secondary School. Second Computer Programming Student Melike Sogut and Third Foreign Trade Program Student Büşra Çınar became the students.

Speaking at the ceremony, Ruhi Engin Özmen, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, stated that he is proud of the success of the graduates in business life and said, “We have become a family of approximately 3 thousand people, together with our friends who will graduate this year. You are at the crossroads of your life. You left your education behind, your business life opened before you. I wish you all endless success in the next period. May your path be open, your future be bright, and be happy. I wish you all the best ”.

Director of the Center for Logistics Research and Applications at Beykoz Dr. Okan Tuna wished success for the students in her speech.
Acting Director of the School Assoc. Dr. In her speech, Baki Aksu advised the students that they should always prefer teamwork instead of individual attitudes and behaviors in their lives, to follow the developments in the world closely and to have the ability of using modern communication technologies and wished them success in their next lives.

Dilara Aktas, the first student of the school who gave the first speech of the ceremony on behalf of all the graduates, said that they had closed a page of their lives with good memories and opened the other page with new expectations and hopes.
Successful students who completed the Erasmus Student Mobility in the ceremony and succeeded to be a Training Coach in the Peer Education Program at the University were also given certificates of achievement.

Program students of the school Energy Plant Management Program Winner Furkan Taşyonan, Public Relations and Promotion Program Winner Ümmühan Yılmaz, Business Management

Seren Kevser Argadal, first in the program, Damla Aladağ in Logistics Program, Müjgan Menteşe, in the Marina Management Program, Mikail Şenel in the Mobile Technology Program and Osman Çağlak in the first in the Rail Systems Program was thrown into the air.

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