Beykoz University's Academic Staff Strengthens

Beykoz University's Academic Staff is Empowering: Beykoz University, which sets out with the aim of becoming an innovative, quality-oriented, international, next-generation university with differences in higher education, will strengthen its academic staff with the new teaching staff of 70 which will be taken by two faculties, one college and two vocational schools. Rector of Beykoz University Dr. Mehmet Durman stated that the university would offer a learning and university environment to its students based on practical application, open to multi-disciplinary approaches, open to multidisciplinary approaches, supported by multidisciplinary international quality standards and said, ire We are the center of happiness, freedom, tolerance and success for our students and employees. we want to be an exemplary university with its prestigious practices and achievements, and a prestigious university in Turkey and abroad.

Our students are outside the learning areas of 21. Our primary objectives are to build education and training programs that will enable them to grow as individuals who are democratic and free-thinking, and who will be able to acquire competencies expressed as century competencies. For this, the power of our academic staff is very important, Bun he says. Stating that he will be joining the Beykoz University family of 70 lecturers in order to serve in the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences, Faculty of Art and Design, School of Civil Aviation, Beykoz Logistics Vocational School of Higher Education and Vocational School, Durman said: ült Our university will give importance to applied education. Famous educational scientist John Dewey said, 'Education is not about life; life itself 'is the motto of the promise. We believe that our students should learn not only to know, but also to apply. Our academic staff will form the content of the course in an intertwined manner with the sector, and also benefit from the needs of the business world in the design of the departments. Akademik Beykoz University 15 will receive applications during the day and strengthen its academic staff.

Faculty of Business and Management, Faculty of Arts and Design, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, four faculties, School of Foreign Languages, School of Civil Aviation, two colleges, Vocational School, Beykoz Logistics Vocational School of Higher Education and a Graduate Institute of Graduate Studies offering graduate and doctoral programs. The first students of the 2017-2018 academic year, which will be taken Beykoz University, faculty undergraduate departments of all students 100 scholarship, college and vocational school programs will provide 100 and 50 scholarship% XNUMX.

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