From the bottom of the subway passed building side, returned to the disaster

Gaziosmanpasa, one of the districts with the most inconsistent construction in Istanbul, lay down next to the building passing under the subway, and the disaster came from a disaster. When noise came from a 5-storey building on a street under construction, the residents of the apartment informed the municipality. The engineer who checked it said, "No trouble, enter your home." said. However, after 4 hours the building lay on its side.

Fearful hours arose the night before in the district of Gaziosmanpaşa in Istanbul. The 5-storey building in a region close to the excavation site lay on its side due to the construction of the subway. Citizens in the building, where there is a danger of collapse, were evacuated, while a parked car fell into the pit.

The incident occurred on the 1175 number one street in the Black Sea neighborhood. Noises in the 23.00 waters began to come from the building in question, and then there were cracks on the walls. Then the residents came out. Upon the notification of municipal authorities came to the region. However, according to allegations, the authorities said there was no problem, to go to their apartment to go to the residents of the apartment. At night, in the waters of 03.30, the building lay on its side with a big noise. Apart from the building, residents of the apartment was shocked. A car parked in front of the building fell into the pit due to the collapse. The building next to it also damaged two buildings around it. Some of the residents who were angry with the authorities burst into tears.

Hayrettin Night's apartment resident said, “When we were told that there was nothing, we entered the house at 2 o'clock. Around 3, we went out with the shout of our neighbor. There was a cracking sound coming from the columns. During the construction of the subway, it was said that excavations were carried out 16 meters below. The work was under this building. That's probably why. ” said. Mehmet Fatih Tavan said, “We told the engineers that there was a depression, but they said to us 'enter your houses comfortably'. At 3 am, the house was shaken like an earthquake. The boy, we all went out. There is underground work underground. ” used expressions. It was learned that work was undertaken in the area in question for the construction of Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Metro Line, which will start in Şişli and pass through Kağıthane, Eyüp, Gaziosmanpaşa and Esenler and end in Bağcılar.

After the building lay down, a large number of firefighters, health and police teams were sent to the area. The electricity of the street where the building is located was interrupted. The evacuated citizens took refuge in their neighbors. The police took the street on the building to the security lane. While nobody was brought closer to the street, İGDAŞ teams were also dispatched to the region. The residents of the neighborhood attacked the engineer who came to the street after the incident and allegedly declared 'there is no objectionable situation' in the first examination. The police intervened in the conflict. On the other hand, concrete was filled into the gaps formed at the base of the raking building.

Gaziosmanpaşa Mayor Hasan Tahsin Usta came to the street and examined the building next door. Explaining how the citizens whose houses were evacuated should be followed, Usta said, “Ground works will be done today. If there is no play on the floor, you can sit in your home. We will notify you until the evening. ” he spoke. An artisan named Hakan Ayhan stated that he had conveyed his reservations to the Metropolitan Municipality White Desk 6 months ago, on the information he received from the workers working on the ground survey. Ayhan said, “Workers said that this place is up to 36 meters of sand and gravel, and that the ground is negative for subway construction. After hearing this, I applied to the municipality. All the buildings you see in this area are at risk. ” made the evaluation.

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