Turkey Logistics Centers to Be A Sure-Step Target Toddler

Toddler with Turkey Logistics Centers to Be A Target Sure Step logistics sector, and growth potential it carries in itself, as well as Turkey's economic fundamental role to play in achieving the target has a great importance.

Recently, we welcome the fact that there are projects that will carry our logistics sector forward on the agenda of political parties and non-governmental organizations, especially the government, and we closely follow every initiative that will contribute to our country's progress towards becoming a logistics center.

Growth of the Republic of Turkey as well as having a strong economy to achieve the objectives, the share of world trade should increase. In this context, logistics is the ticaret lifeblood arı of foreign trade.

East-West, North-South geo-strategic transport corridor located in Turkey, that the special geographical location of the most important actors on the world trade logistics has the potential to be one. Our country, which has been carrying the world trade through the lands through the Silk Road for centuries, will become the Y logistics center la of the region when it proceeds with the right steps.

In recent years he spent in intensive efforts to pass through Turkey in international trade and energy corridor of the sector, which in a major breakthrough, a number required to achieve the premise locations are implemented important infrastructure projects and is projected new ones. On the one hand, projects such as new bridges, airports, railway lines, renewal of existing lines and logistics centers continue, while other projects such as proj Kars-Tbilisi-Baku Railway ın, mevcut Iron Silk Road ın and an Viking Train Project en are carried out abroad.

Our country, which aims to be located on the intercontinental trade corridors, has to implement logistics centers and logistic centers throughout the country with its logistic infrastructure and superstructures that will serve on these corridors. When these structures are constructed correctly, the Turkish Logistics Sector may increase its capacity further; With the road-rail-sea-airway integration, it can become the heart of trade and economic development.

The Association of International Transport and Logistics Service Producers-UTİKAD continues to work for the logistics sector to become a service exporter so that logistics centers, which are the main necessity of the Turkish Logistics Sector, can be constructed with full capacity and can be modeled to serve to become more competitive.

In addition to the report prepared for the logistics centers, which are prepared to be submitted to the Ministry of Transport, UTIKAD also carried out a reference study which will be a source for the public sector and logistics sector with the book named “Logistics Center Management - Establishment Methodology and Performance Indicators oloj published last year.

”So, Is It That Only These Investments Are Sufficient To Be A Regional Logistics Center?“

When properly edited all of these projects are fully operational, it will be the way to becoming a logistics center of Turkey has taken important steps. However, the government, as well as all political parties and civil society organizations need to act with the consciousness of moving the logistics sector further. Recently, our government, political parties and all relevant sectors to give importance to the logistics and carry out studies in this direction, the International Association of Transport and Logistics Service Producers-UTİKAD with great satisfaction as we follow.

; As the leading logistics and transport association of our country, with our rational, principled, responsible approaches and the power we receive from our members; Corrolation between Turkey and worldwide logistics restructuring and supply chain and to lead the development of all kinds of formation for optimizing "UTIKAD which operates with a vision for the development of the logistics industry in every platform will continue to work and support.

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