Children in pregnancy

Gebze the children to death nose: Gebze Peace Zone of the railroad tracks passing through the neighborhood of TCDD iron wire is cut by unidentified people, crossing the road has been opened. Those who see the door opened, passing through the rails in a sense of death is coming to the nose.

Students and citizens who pass over the train tracks belonging to TCDD, which separates Barış Mahallesi and Eskihisarı, come face to face with death every day. Although the edges of the train road, which passes just below the Beşevler park, are surrounded by iron wires, some insensitive people have cut the iron wires to allow crossing. Especially small children play on the rails by passing through the door opening by cutting the iron wires. Neighborhood residents who see their children crossing the tracks of TCDD every day want this problem to be resolved as soon as possible.


Citizens who said that iron wires were cut by some insensitive people because there was no connection between Barış Mahallesi and Eskihisar; “Anyone who sees the door that opens here passes over the railway belonging to TCDD. Our request from the authorities should make an overpass or underpass as soon as possible. We want a safe way for our children to go through. Will the authorities take action when there are necessarily accidents? Trains passing over the rail are in danger of hitting citizens. Children, in particular, face a danger every day. Our hearts come to our mouth every day. ” They asked the authorities to find a solution here.




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