Erusis 2015 Electric Rail Transport Systems Symposium

Erusis 2015 Electric Rail Transport System Symposium: Railways until the beginning of the Second World War in the early years of the Republic, has been of fundamental importance in Turkey's economic development efforts.

Unlike the first years of the Republic after the 1950, highways were developed and railways were put to second place. Excessive emphasis on road transport has led to neglect of other modes of transport; high costs, inefficient road use, increased investment costs, land losses, noise and environmental pollution; an irregular and distorted transportation system has been developed in our country through irrational investment decisions.

In order to emphasize the importance of the development of transportation and railway policies for the transportation policies of our country, our Chamber organized the Electric Transportation Systems Symposium and Exhibition between 07-09 April 2011 in Bursa and Eskişehir. 2-14 Electric Rail Transportation Systems Symposium was held in Eskişehir between June 15.

Chamber of Electrical Engineers. 44 within the framework of the Term Work Program. Electric Rail Transportation Systems Symposium (ERUSİS'3) EMO Eskişehir Branch will be held in Eskişehir. The aim of the event is to bring together researchers, practitioners and decision makers from universities, public institutions and industry to present their work, share their suggestions, and help them exchange information on Electric Rail Transportation Systems.

The main approach of the symposium will be to evaluate the plans, projects and technological productions made at the national and international level and to develop recommendations in this field, which we have not been able to evaluate as a country for many years in the transportation policies of our country and we cannot provide development in parallel with the practices in the world.

We believe that our symposium will be useful for all participants in this field as well as guiding the transportation policies of our country and we look forward to your participation and support.


2023-2035 National Railway Strategies
Railway Testing and Certification
Domesticization of Railways
Railway Liberalization Law
Training and Employment in Rail Transportation
Railway Electric Vehicle Technologies
Railway Road Systems
Urban Rail Transportation Systems
Freight and Passenger Transport in Rail Transportation

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