Uncertainty of the JCC in the Zigana Tunnel

Lack of Uncertainty in Zigana Tunnel: Tender of the Zigana Tunnel on the historical silk road that will connect the Eastern Black Sea to the Middle East cannot be made.
Highways 10. Regional Director Selahattin Bayramchavus stated that two companies were expected to respond to the application of the Public Procurement Authority (GCC) and said, ç It is not clear when financial offers will be received unless an answer from the JCC is received. The tender process continues. Here, two companies had objected. The KIK file was reviewed and the 8 company was eliminated. They objected again. According to the response from the Public Procurement Authority who will enter the tender who will not be able to enter. According to her, tenders will be held. We cannot give any information about when the tender will be made without an answer from the JCC. K
While the process was prolonged indefinitely due to the continuous objections of the companies, AK Party Gümüşhane Deputy Assoc. A new dimension of the process in Kemalettin Aydın Zigana Tunnel kazanGümüşhane Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Elbeyi Gergin expected the process in Zigana Tunnel to be concluded by the political power and local administration as soon as possible, and Gümüşhane Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (GÜSİAD) Branch President Murat Akçay questioned whether the tender was blocked by someone.
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave the good news from Gümüşhane on 12 October 2014 and 29 did not receive any bidding in the new Zigana tunnel in January. Zigana Tüneli tender for the previously failed to appeal the public procurement authority (GCC), the company's objection to the rejection of the company after the appeal of the two companies applied to the tender to the bid to bid for the General Directorate of Highways, the two companies could not submit a tender by writing articles to the tender. These two companies, which received a negative response from the highways this time, to apply to the JCC, the qualification to take the 8 April, the proposals could not be received in April.
A new dimension was created when two companies that could not obtain qualifications applied to the Public Procurement Authority (KİK) and informed that they wanted to bid for the tender. kazanMaking statements about the tender, AK Party Gümüşhane Deputy Assoc. Dr. Kemalettin Aydın said, “Yes, two more companies applied to the General Directorate of Highways to bid. General Directorate of Highways had informed these two companies that they could not bid for the tender, but then these two companies applied for qualification by applying to the GCC. Therefore, the process in the Zigana tunnel takes on a new dimension. kazanwas. According to the response of the GCC, the Zigana tunnel tender will be held again.” said.
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's Gospel of Gumushane, the Gigane Tunnel of Gumushane, which is not what is said to be the elite of the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Stressed Gümüş If there are obstacles in front of the tunnel these obstacles must be urgently resolved and urgently. We don't know what the roughness is. If there is something that cannot be solved, our Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu is coming to Gümüşhane this weekend. We expect the tunnel to be discussed in our Prime Minister's arrival program. We know that the tunnel is also on the agenda of our deputy Kemalettin Aydın. We demand urgent resolution of the political power and the local administration to go to the conclusion. Son
Total 12,9 Zigana Tunnel is the sine qua non of Gumushane indicating that the total length of the XNUMX Gumushane Branch President Murat Akcay, air and sea transportation is not known, when the railroad is not known when the Zigana tunnel in Gumushane the lifeblood of the transport, is indispensable.
The Zigana tunnel is one of the top obstacles to investment and tourism. Akçay said that the construction of Zigana in the region and the simultaneous start of the Zigana will be completed. . Akçay questioned the fact that this tender was prevented by some people and that they would follow up to the end of this work.

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