Alican Border Bridge 27 not used for years

Alican border bridge for 27 years not used: one of the two crossing points between Armenia and Turkey and the military purpose built in the year 1890 by the Ottoman Empire Alican Border Bridge, 1988 in Armenia due to the earthquake that occurred after the aid sent from Turkey more It was used.
Alican border bridge, one of two crossing points between Turkey and Armenia, not used 27 years.
According to the information compiled by the AA reporter, the bridge, which was started to be built for military purposes in the last years of the Ottoman State and whose construction was completed in 1890, is located between the Karakoyunlu district of Iğdır and the town of Margara in Armenia.
Things that period, a republic of the Soviet Union can not be opened from the use of a kind due to bridge relations between Armenia and Turkey, it was damaged during the First World War.
The bridge, which was repaired in 1946 due to the end of the war and its presence on the border line, was used as the base center because it was of critical importance in military terms, but it was not opened to the passages.
In 1988, occurred in Armenia's Spitak and causing the death of thousands of people after the earthquake opened the bridge with the decision of the Council of Ministers, was used only for the delivery of relief materials sent from Turkey to Armenia.
While the relations between the two countries are expected to develop as of this date, the fate of the bridge changed suddenly by declaring the independence of Armenia and implementing new policies. Armenia's occupant policy of Azerbaijan on the occupied Nagorno-Karabakh in 1993, was caused by completely closing the bridge in Turkey.
- Soldiers on watch on both sides of the bridge
The bridge, which is rumored to be named "Ali" and "Can" because of their success against the Russian forces in the region during the First World War, is of great importance for both countries.
Therefore, soldiers on both sides of the bridge keep watch 24 hours a day. Turkey deployed in the mission area in which the station side of the bridge "Border Eagles" bridge day and night thermal cameras with spying and following the anbedi mobility around the bridge.
On the Armenian side of the bridge, idle buildings are attracting attention. It is seen that the building, which was established for the customs operations right next to the bridge, was decayed and the construction works in another building started to be made for the same purpose.



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