Subcontractor Highway Workers in Denizli

Subcontracted Highway Workers Quit Work in Denizli: Subcontracted workers working in the 27th Department of Highways in Denizli started a work stoppage on the grounds that they received their wages late and their overtime wages were not paid. At the 27th Branch Chief of Highways [more…]


Ardeşen-Çamlıhemşin roadway landslide

Landslide on Ardeşen-Çamlıhemşin highway: After the effective rains in the morning, landslides occurred on Ardeşen-Çamlıhemşin highway. There was material damage in a car that was in transit on the road closed to transportation. Effective in the morning in Rize [more…]


South leaves Raman on the way

The obstacle is on the way to the South Raman: 14 İhsan Güç, Deputy Regional Director of Highways, who stated that they are going to negotiate with the villagers on the route to open the South Raman Ring Road for kilometers. Yeni New village in expropriation [more…]

16 Bursa

Silk pillow

Police obstacle to Silkworm: After the start of the expeditions in Bursa, the Silkworm tram, which caused great confusion in transportation, was disrupted by the vehicles that the citizens frequently left on the route. What stopped Silkworm's expedition this time was faulty parks. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Problems of the Logistics Sector Talked at ITO

Problems of the Logistic Sector were discussed at ITO: Istanbul Chamber of Commerce 24 No.1 Transportation and Logistics Services Professional Committee held a group meeting on Lojistik Preventing Logistics Movements in Transportation ”. Related public and sector [more…]