Asphalt News

Yayla road asphalt

Asphalt to Yaylica road: 20 kilometers away from Batman Yaylica village road has reached concrete asphalt. 3.5 Asphalting the kilometer-long road created joy among the villagers. SPECIAL ADMINISTRATION ASFALTLADI Secretary General of the Special Administration near Batman [more…]


The lands of Bursan are falling

Bursa's lands are being fought over: While Bursa shortens the distance between it and Istanbul thanks to the highway, the lands in the city, which is growing rapidly towards the west, are almost scrambled by investors. While Bursa shortens the distance between Istanbul and Istanbul thanks to the highway, it accelerates towards the west. [more…]

58 Sivas

Ski season ended in Star Mountain

The ski season has ended in Yıldız Mountain: It has been reported that the ski season has ended at Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports and Tourism Center. In the written statement made by the Special Provincial Administration, Yıldız Mountain Winter [more…]


Tram struck in Eskişehir wounded

The person hit by the tram in Eskişehir was injured: According to the information received, the tram that made the Eskişehir Osmangazi University-Çankaya expedition hit Fethi Altınay, who wanted to cross the road in Yenikent Mahallesi. Altınay injured in the accident, 112 Emergency Service [more…]


Towards the End of the New Generation of Wagon Production

Towards the End in the Production of New Generation Freight Wagons: Turkish Railway Machines authorized in accordance with the relevant regulation of the European Union to produce a new generation bogie equipped with an integrated braking system in accordance with the "Interoperability Technical Conditions" [more…]

06 Ankara

YHT Ankara Station silhouette has been announced

The silhouette of the YHT Ankara Station has become clear: It has been reported that the YHT Ankara Station, the construction of which started in 2014 and progressed by 23 percent, will be completed in July 2016. Feridun Bilgin, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, in 2014 [more…]