Yht Fire Station in Ankara

Yht Fire Station in Ankara: Fire in the construction site of the construction of a high-speed train station in Ankara. A fire broke out at the construction site of the High Speed ​​Train Station in Ankara. The fire was controlled by firefighters after a while.

The incident occurred last night at 20.00 ranks. A fire broke out at the construction site for an unknown reason. Upon notification of the situation, a large number of fire brigades were referred to the area. The teams from the scene, immediately began to intervene in the fire. Due to the large and high construction area, the teams intervened in the fire by spraying water from two different directions and through the fire escapes. The fire was controlled after a while. After the cooling of the teams, the flames were completely extinguished. Material damage occurred at the construction site.

Following the completion of the fire extinguishing and cooling works, the commencement of commuter train services between Xinjiang and Kayaş, as of 22.15, was restarted.





    1. Get well soon.It looks like a fire measure has been taken in the construction. If the construction is not insured, the zazar belongs to the contractor. The construction work should not be delayed because of the fire. Was there no watchman, alarm, sensor devices, amera in the construction? Wasn't there automatic fire extinguishers? It should provide you with the precaution to extinguish it with less casualties. It could damage the property outside the construction in the oil .. The places that burned in the fire should be well controlled technically… The damage to the wealth means the damage to the nation.