Tireboluda Railway Talked

Tireboluda Railroad was Discussed: While the mad Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry Meets Districts uy was held in the district of Tirebolu in Giesun, the main line of the meeting was the Erzincan-Trabzon railway line, whose project and route was the subject of discussion.
GTSO President Hasan Çakırmelikoğlu attended the meeting of "Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry Meets with the Districts" before visiting the tradesmen. Speaking at the meeting, Çakırmelikoğlu said, “The most important project for the Tirebolu region is the Tirebolu Railway Project. Our country can integrate Central Asia and the Russian Far East trade, which is the shortest way to Europe and the Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey contains an important transition strategy. In this regard, the Erzincan-Trabzon-Tirebolu Railway Line, planned by the Ministry of Transportation, is an important transportation axis in the international location. The project, which is planned to be designed by 2020, is intended to focus only on Trabzon by different segments, but it is carried out in two directions thanks to the studies and the Giresun lobby. The most suitable area for this railroad is the Harşit Valley. As Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we have been following the issue closely since the very beginning, and we aim to integrate the railway to Tirebolu and then to Giresun through workshops and meetings to be integrated into the regional ports. Ankara also agreed with us on this matter. ”
Çakırmelikoğlu also emphasized that after the end of Ordu-Giresun Airport, a serious tourism potential will emerge in the region, “The most suitable area in our region is Tirebolu region. Its port needs to be structured in relation to tourism. Structuring historical and tourist areas in the region and branding of local products with boutique productions will contribute to this process. ”
After the opening speeches, Eastern Black Sea Development Agency (DOKA) Giresun Provincial Coordinator Murat Aladağ, KOSGEB Giresun Provincial Director Mustafa Kurt, Workplace physician. Özgür Kabagöz, Biologist Tan Türker on the topic of Safe Food in the name of the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Zarife Özdemir Yağcı, the expert of the Provincial Directorate of Labor and Employment Agency in Giresun, delivered their presentations on Occupational Health and Safety.

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