İsu Team Examined the Gulf Crossing Bridge

İsu Team Investigated the Gulf Crossing Bridge: İSU General Manager İlhan Bayram together with the technical managers of the institution examined the work on the Gulf Crossing Bridge.

İSU General Manager İlhan Bayram and Deputy General Manager Alaeddin Alkaç, Planning Investment and Construction Department Head Celal Doğan, Head of Projects Department Semih Turan and branch managers and expert engineers of the two units visited the Gulf Crossing Bridge.

General Director of Public Private Sector Partnership of the General Directorate of Highway Ismail Kartal hosted by the project team and the General Manager Ilhan Bayram was made presentations about the project and the work done. Ismail Kartal stated that the project was built with the build-operate-transfer model and said that under the project, 1 pieces suspension bridge, 3 tunnel, 35 viaduct, 88 bridge, 188 underpass and 727 culvert will be built with a total length of 433 kilomerte highway. The 550 of the bridge is the world's largest 4 with a middle opening of the 100 meter. Eagle, which will be a bridge bridge, with the bridge between Dilovasi and Altinova D130 and D90 highway with the distance of 12 6 kilometers, 650 minutes, the time will go down, he said. The use of the bridge will save the year 8 million dollars will be saved Ismail Kartal, the project with the completion of the 10-3 hour between the distance between Istanbul and Izmir 3,5-XNUMX said that the clock will land.

The body portion 2 thousand 682 meters from the suspension bridge viaducts explaining that there 4 thousand 540 meters of the total length together with the Regional Director Ismail Kartal, Altınova output made by shifting the steel block and the longest as building made viaduct with the first and in the world a thousand 80 meters in Turkey he added.

After the presentation, General Manager İlhan Bayram and accompanying technical team visited Dilovası and the Gulf Crossing Bridge by boat and toured the work done in Altınova regions. General Manager İlhan Bayram, who also received information from the project managers about the works carried out, said, “We were proud and excited to see the works carried out on the Gulf Crossing Bridge, one of the most important projects of our country. Significant acceleration of the project, which will make significant contributions to the transportation of the region and the country. kazanIt was a proud moment for us as well. We had a long-standing friendship and corporate solidarity with Mr. İsmail Kartal, Regional Director of Highways, who successfully carried out the project. We have always been in dialogue for the infrastructure and transportation problems of our region. We shared our experiences with our technical team, who are experienced in infrastructure, by making an inspection trip in Kocaeli. I would like to thank the technical team, especially Mr. İsmail Kartal, who carried out this successful project, and for their hosting.”

İSU General Manager İlhan Bayram, then General Manager of the Highway General Directorate of Public Private Sector Regional Director İsmail Kartal gave a marbling table.

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