Levent Rumeli Hisarüstü Metro Line Opened with a Ceremony

Istanbul Rail Access Map
Istanbul Rail Access Map

The opening ceremony of the Levent Hisarüstü Metro Line was held with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, Transport Minister Feridun Bilgin and IMM President Kadir Topbaş.

The opening ceremony of the Levent-Hisarustu Metro Line was held with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Transportation Minister Feridun Bilgin and IMM President Kadir Topbas. Erdoğan said, yaklaş We are approaching our desire to make Istanbul the city that has one of the world's longest rail systems with every new metro line.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who was invited to the podium before the opening ceremony, greeted the participants and wished the metro line good luck. Erdogan said, “I wish God's blessing that the line added to the Istanbul Metro system will be beneficial for our country, our city and our fellow citizens. This metro line to Istanbul kazanI congratulate our Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and everyone who contributed to the project.”


President Erdoğan stated that they are working to have the longest rail system line in the world. With every new metro line opened, we are approaching our desire to make Istanbul the city that has one of the longest rail systems in the world in public transportation. We are adding new ones to the rail system line extending from the south to the west of the most eastern end of the city. We connected this system to the line of Marmaray under the sea. Of course we had a love of our love here. What was that? We said that Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror conducted the ships from the land, what suits us? We tried to achieve this from the bottom of the sea and right now Marmaray is working very well. We said that not enough and we took the step of the Eurasian tunnel. The Eurasian tunnel will open a double-decker tire next year. Between the two bridges expressed by our esteemed president, now three-storey tunnel project was announced. Hopefully, its foundation will be laid soon, İn he said.


Continuing his words by criticizing the opposition, Erdogan said, “This is a matter of the horizon, this is a matter of love. See, we are also building the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge. Currently, the construction of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is continuing rapidly. Roads started to be built, high-speed train will pass through the middle of four departures. The opposition was disturbed even by this. Have an obelisk in this country. Because they came to demolish, not to do it in this country. Istanbul currently has a rail system of over 144 kilometers. Hopefully, we aim to reach 2019 kilometers in 430 with the projects that are under construction and are in preparation. We know very well that the transportation problem of one of the biggest metropolises of the world like Istanbul can only be solved in this way. We've come a long way on this road. Even the rail systems that are only currently in service have taken a great breath in Istanbul in terms of transportation. We have to be interested in public transport. Otherwise, with a car below us and a second car in the same house, you only know that your welfare level is high, but you cannot overcome the transportation problem in Istanbul. Hopefully, as this system expands with new projects, transportation will become a pleasure, not a pain for Istanbulites. The huge transportation network scattered in every corner of the city will increase the attractiveness and brand value of Istanbul. In our country, science, commerce, arts, sports and many other areas in which the locomotive will continue in Istanbul almost stronger, more stable way towards the target in Turkey. "I see the Levent-Hisarüstü Metro Line as the last system of this important mission in the field of public transportation."

AS We look forward to the poems of those who see Istanbul as a political and commercial rip door. VE

President Erdogan continued his speech as follows: "Istanbul is Turkey, as I have always stated, but also in Istanbul, Europe, Asia. Istanbul is the key point of all civilizations as well as being a key geographic location. Serving such a city, not only with the information of the project will not be able to serve this city only if you devote all your heart, all your self. We see every day the disgrace caused by those who see Istanbul as a political and commercial rent door. This will surely be the fate of those who look at this city through the eyes of the heart, but not through the eyes of rent. We are looking at Istanbul with the strings of Master Necip Fazil. Istanbul are our souls and no other country than Turkey in this city, time, which is a city beyond the space. Whoever doesn't see Istanbul with this eye just pollutes it, it just exploits it. As a matter of fact, they polluted it for a long time. They were polluted by illegal structures, polluted by garbage mountains, neglected the beautiful Golden Horn, disgusted with air pollution, dispensed masks, and defiled their history, culture, identity and nature. Our brothers and sisters took a change and transformation with the steps we took in the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and we have come to these days. We, along with our friends, have fought against it during our entire political life. Our prime minister also during the whole of Turkey and especially Istanbul have taken these steps in a stable manner. We tried to repair the physical damage of the cities by starting from the destruction of the heart of the people. Now we are continuing this way with the same determination as the President. The love and love of Istanbul in my heart is getting stronger and stronger every year. I look at Istanbul with the same feelings. As long as this life is in my skin, my love for Istanbul does not end, my love for Istanbul is not. U


Erdogan said that Turkey's target 2023 walking to come to a new crossroads, "During the past year 12 strong single-party government brought stability and confidence atmosphere provided by Turkey up here. 12 growing three times as Turkey took its place in history as a true success story in years. But where our country comes from, we need new tools, a new management system. See Turkey's multiparty year period approaching full 70 40 past year spent with the coalition system. today is the product of almost all the remaining years of one-party rule 30 that whatever is done in Turkey. In the past, those who stole the 70 year of this nation now want the same order to continue. We have an opposition party that has a coalition project in the elections, or there are opposition parties. Now what they say. Look, this place is very meaningful, we are ready to establish a coalition they say. They see the result from the beginning. We always lose to Turkey says the coalition government. He said 'If we find enough majority after the election, we will establish a coalition' he says. This statement is meant to aspire to lose Turkey. That means we do not want stability and confidence in Turkey. However, we are even now strong single-party government in Turkey is no longer enough to call this shirt comes to this narrow bulk. To build a new Turkey, we say that we need a new constitution and presidential system along with it. And that is not needed by the coalition project for the future of Turkey. "


Erdogan said, "Those who rely on the prospect of a coalition are not those of this country and this nation, but only for their own future."

“Our nation knows very well what coalitions are. Coalition means crisis, inflation, unemployment, poverty and bankruptcy. We've seen their history. Coalition means a handful of elites, a handful of rich and a handful of bureaucrats sticking to the back of the nation like a tick. Coalition means begging for a few hundred million at the gates of the IMF. Coalition means the loss of the retired, worker, shopkeeper, civil servant, the reputation of three or five rich people who add money to their money with high interest. kazanmeans cost. Coalition means old Turkey. We are looking at the new Turkey. In other words, those who could not come together for Turkey to reach 2 trillion dollars of gross national product, 25 thousand dollars of national income per capita, 500 billion dollars of exports and to become one of the ten largest economies in the world, yearn for a coalition. It is really exemplary that they are so eager and so excited to get into the deep-bottomed boat called the coalition, which we have not been able to bring together on any issue that is in the interest of the country and the nation."


President Erdogan, "Turkey now come to a very different position. As a president, I am always in the hands of the nation. I'm there when my country is. But I would never tolerate those who want to work hard to enter the nation, not the strength of the nation. I'm also against them. Do not face against those who abuse you. Do not give this nation in unity and togetherness is even stronger. Verm
After his speech, President Erdoğan wished for the metro line to be beneficial and concluded his remarks by saying, toplan I wish the Hisarüstü Metro Line, which was instrumental in gathering here today, would be beneficial for all our people. Konuş Erdogan then cut off the ribbon to open the line with his retinue.

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